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Class of 2020 Information (12th Grade)

February 14 - Senior Photos Due
  • email to tbirds.yb/
  • incl​ude Full Name in email
  • Photos must be vertical, show the face clearly, contain no props, inappropriate clothing or gestures, and must be high resolution (can not be a screenshot)
February 14 - Senior Quotes Due
  • submit your senior quote at
  • it must be less than 95 characters, and if you are quoting someone else, we need to know who you are quoting.
  • no obscure acronums, proganity, drug, gang, sex, or other inappropriate language.  Anything that is questionable will not be used.​
February 14 - Senior Baby Photos Due
  • email your cute baby picture to
  • include your full name in the email
  • or, bring physical copy to room 1005 to have it scanned​
February 20 - Senior Class Meeting during 2nd period
March 15 - Senior Recognition Pages Due
  • purchase at​
    • 1/8 page: $20
    • 1/4 page: $35
    • 1/2 page: $50
    • ​no full pages available (we may be able to bump some up to larger sizes if space allows, but no guarentees)
April 13 - Edgenuity Due

April 21 - Jostens Cap & Gown delivery during both lunches
Orders that are not picked up will be available in the Main Office starting on April 22.
April 24 - Senior Class Meeting during 6th period

May 16 - Prom

June 1-4 - Senior Finals

June 5 - Senior Check-out

June 11 - Graduation Rehearsal 11:45am-1:00pm at the Tacoma Dome
Parking is free for the rehearsal only.  Graduates will enter through Lower Gate A for the Rehearsal and Graduation.

June 12 - Graduation 4:00pm at the Tacoma Dome
  • Tickets - Seniors will be given 8 free tickets upon completion of Senior check-out.  Additional tickets may be purchased at the school or at the door for $5.00 each.
  • Parking - $15 per vehicle.  Audience and Graduates should park in lots A, B, F or G.  Handicapped parking (with decal) is in lots D, E and K.  Please see​ for a map.
  • Handicapped Persons - a handicapped person, plus up to 3 others, may be seated on the main floor at the base of the audience seating sections if seating in the upper seating area is inappropriate (it wheelchairs, heart conditions, vision, etc.).  They will need to pre-purchase their tickets at the school or at the Tacoma Dome and come in through Lower Gate A (with the graduates).
  • Hearing Impaired - Section 119 of the seating area will be roped off for Hearing Impared persons.  They may enter through the Upper C or Upper A doords and signs will direct them to the proper section.  Interpreters will be televised and visible on the large video screens.  Audience members needing signing will be able to see the interpreters in the lower right corner of the screens from anywhere in the Dome Arena in addition to seeing them on the main floor.
  • Facebook - the Public Information Office will stream each graduation live on Facebook for those who are unable to attend.
  • Prohibited Items - helium filled balloons, air horns, and liquid string in awrosol cans are prohibited by the Tacoma Done and will be confiscated at the door.


Leo's Photography

Jostens (Cap & Gown)