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Manitou Park Elementary School

ELL - English Language Learning

Manitou Park Elementary is pleased to announce that an English Language Learners (ELL) Program was added to our school in September of 2013.  We currently have approximately 80 students in the program who speak another language at home and qualify for the ELL classes.

Manitou Park Elementary School’s ELL population of languages spoken.

This data is as of  January 2014

​11 ​51 ​6 5 1 1​ 2​ 1​ 6​ 84​


Introduction to ELL

The WA Proficiency Level Descriptors and English Language Proficiency Standards are designed to be used by classroom teachers and ELL specialists alike. The Washington ELP Standards provide correspondences to Mathematics, Science, and ELA Practices as well as explicit correspondences to the Common Core ELA and Literacy Standards.

Bilingual Education Program

The Washington State Bilingual Education Program provides services to students who are learning English. A student may qualify for the program based on test results from the Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment if a language other than English is spoken at home.

For more information about English Language Proficiency Programs the following website and resources please visit the Tacoma Public School District’s Second Language Acquisition Program website
Or see the OSPI Bilingual Program website.