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Manitou Park Elementary School

Parent/Community Involvement Policy and Compact

Manitou Parent and Community Involvement Plan

  • Hold annual program meetings with information on AYP and Title 1 program events each year.
  • Make School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Budget available in a binder to be on display in the Main Office at any time.
  • Parent compact will be sent out in the Student Handbook which goes out to every student each year and is used at Partnership Conferencing
  • Parent Involvement Representative will work with student, staff, community and parents to encourage parent volunteerism and parent involvement.
  • Offer curriculum nights (Title 1 Information Night, Meet Manitou Night) will be offered for parents where information about Title 1, the school improvement plan, and specific curricular issues will be discussed.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held twice a year at convenient times during the day to accommodate the needs of working families.
  • A parent representative will participate with the school’s SIP team to review, revise, evaluate, and share the plan annually.
  • A parent involvement evaluation process will be established to evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s improvement plan.  This will be a part of the parent survey sent out twice a year.
  • Notifications will be sent to parents informing them of their rights to know the qualifications of their child’s teacher and para-educator or if they do not meet the highly qualified standards.
  • Parents will be informed in a timely manner about student achievement and assessment including the dates for administration of standardized tests and the results of those tests.
  • An activity calendar will be provided to parents at the beginning of the year and updated regularly.
  • Parents will receive communications from the school in the language spoken in the home whenever requested.  Parents will also be advised of translation/interpretation services available through the district.

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Compact of Manitou Park Elementary

Download a printable copy of the Compact to sign and return
(Sign and return only if you have not done so already)


As an educational community, we (the parents, students, and teacher of Manitou Park Elementary) will provide an environment in which each student feels safe, valued, and encouraged to grow as a whole person.

Sign below to indicate that you have read and understand the policies and procedures as written in this handbook.

              As a STUDENT I will strive to:

  1. Follow school expectations of being RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL & SAFE.

  2. Be on time (8:55 A.M.) and ready to learn each day.

  3. Complete and return homework assignments on time.

  4. Make an effort to read at least 20 minutes daily.

  5. Follow District’s zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, intimidation, verbal and physical violence policy.


    Student Signature:   _______________________________________                                                        


    As a PARENT/GUARDIAN I will strive to:

  1. Make sure my child gets enough sleep every night to be ready to learn.

  2. Ensure that my child attends school daily, on time (8:55 A.M./Breakfast 8:30 A.M.)

  3. Pick up my child at dismissal time (3:30 P.M.).

  4. Contact the school to verify our child’s medical or dental appointments, our child’s illness or a family emergency.

  5. Ensure school has current emergency contact numbers on file at all times. 

  6. Make sure my child dresses appropriately every day.

  7. Read at least 20 minutes a day with my child and monitor homework.

  8. Communicate with school staff to challenge and support my child.

  9. Read school communications and attend scheduled conferences.

  10. Support the school expectations of being RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL & SAFE.

  11. Support the schools safety efforts by following school/office procedures.

  12. Understand that my child can be suspended for violations of the District zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, intimidation policies.


    Parent Signature: ___________________________________________________                                                             


    As a STAFF member I will strive to:

  1. Be aware of the individual strengths and needs of each child.

  2. Seek ways to involve parents in the learning process.

  3. Model high academic and behavioral expectations.

  4. Show respect and compassion for each student and his/her family.

  5. Provide an environment that encourages clear and positive communication between students, parents and school staff.

  6. Support other staff members in their efforts to provide meaningful and appropriate learning experiences.

  7. Make our school a safe, and welcoming place.

  8. Display respect for the students, families, and staff of Manitou Park.

       Teacher Signature: _______________________________________________________                                                                  



Download a printable copy of the Compact to sign and return
(Sign and return only if you have not done so already)