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Manitou Park Elementary School

CHAMPS - Safe and Civil Schools


Safe and Civil Schools Program (C. H. A. M. P. S.)


Manitou Park Elementary’s Positive and Proactive Behavior Management Program

This year Manitou Park will continue to implement our school wide behavior management program, CHAMPS, which is a part of the Safe and Civil Schools Program. All staff and students will be trained in this model, also, Manitou will offer training to parents and family members to continue a successful implementation.

Overview of the Program

Management, Motivation and Discipline


The Safe and Civil School Series is a collection of strategies designed to create productive, safe and respectful learning environments. The goal of the program is to empower school personnel with techniques to help all students behave responsibly and respectfully. The materials are full of specific “how-to” information, though each resource stands alone; all are designed around five basic beliefs:


-  All students must be treated with dignity and respect

-  Students can and should be taught skills and behaviors needed for success.

-  Motivation and responsibility should be encouraged through positive interactions and through building relationships with students.

-  Student misbehavior provides a teaching opportunity.

  Collaboration is critical. All school staff members must work together to help students behave responsibly and to meet student needs.


The CHAMPS Curriculum is based on the above common beliefs and the following processes:

1. Self-Reflection - If student behavior is irresponsible, school staff should reflect on what they can do to help the student.

2. Utilization for data - objective information about behavior is important in planning and making decisions about behavior.

3. Structuring of Success - all school settings should be organized to promote successful behavior from students.

4. Collaboration - helping students behave responsible is a shared responsibility of all school staff members.

The program will need all the support from the school community, staff, students and parents to ensure its success. Additional information with regard to Manitou Park’s  behavior management program and the training dates is available upon request.