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Mason Middle School

Dress Code



Students are expected to come to school in attire that meets the Mason Dress Code, detailed below.  Students who do not comply with the dress code will be required to change into dress code clothing.  Mason policy requires that students remain in dress code while on campus at all times.  Please see the next page for dress guidelines to be used on special non-uniform days/events, including “Free Shirt” or “Free Dress” days that students can earn by collecting Mustang Merits for positive behavior.  Our Mason dress code standards are intentionally conservative in order to help students focus on learning.  All clothing must be neat in appearance, in good repair, and worn appropriately.  The fit and/or style of the clothing should not be tight, revealing, or excessively oversized. 


1)      TOPS (Choice of sweatshirt, polo shirt, and/or designated Mason T-Shirt): 

a)      Sweatshirts may be crew neck or hooded, in solid colors of navy blue, flag-red, white, or gray.  Sweatshirts may not have zippers or buttons, may not be speckled or multi-shaded, and may not be tied in the back or on the side. Hoods may not be worn inside the building.

b)      Polo shirts should be button-style in solid colors of navy blue or flag-red.  Solid color t-shirts are acceptable beneath polos as long as they do not hang out at the sleeve or hem.

c)       The designated Mason T-Shirt is sold only through the Mason Booster Store.

Notes about tops:  Logos are not acceptable on sweatshirts or polos, except Mason Middle School insignia tops purchased from Mason’s student store.  All tops must be worn right side out.
Shirts and polos do not need to be tucked in unless worn under a sweatshirt.

2)      BOTTOMS (Choice of pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, and capris):

Notes about bottoms:  The length of skirts, skorts, and shorts must be within three (3) inches of the knee. Fabric should be cotton twill or corduroy in navy blue or tan khaki. Traditional blue jeans are also acceptable, so long as they are a solid, consistent color throughout.  Bottoms must be fitted, plain in style, and hemmed neatly. Overalls are not permitted.  No adornments (patches, holes, stripes, rips/tears, gems/studs, or any other decorations), and “sagging” of pants is not allowed.  If worn, belts must be worn in the provided belt loops and cannot be studded.


3)      OUTERWEAR: Jackets, coats, polar fleece, sweaters, vests, gloves, scarves, sunglasses, and hats must be kept in lockers during the school day. It is permissible to wear these items while at outdoor lunch.


4)      SHOES: Should be appropriate for all school activities and worn at all times. No heeled shoes, flip-flops, sandals, or slipper-like footwear allowed.  Shoes must be closed toed and have backs.


5)      ACCESSORIES: Sweatbands, ties/bowties, bandannas, hats, studded or spiked items, or other accessories that might cause distraction or injury to students or school property are not allowed.


6)      MUSIC CONCERT DAYS: On performance days and at evening concerts, the Honor Orchestra, Honor Band, and Jazz Band will wear all solid black attire. For girls, this includes dress pants (slacks/loose fitting) or a full-length skirt and a top that has short or long sleeves with black closed-toed shoes. For boys, this includes dress pants and a button-down dress shirt with black dress shoes and black socks.


7)      PE CLOTHING: Plain gray or navy blue shorts and sweatpants, plain gray or navy blue t-shirts and sweatshirts, athletic socks and shoes must be worn during PE.  Mason logo PE apparel is available for purchase from the Mason student store. Yoga pants, leggings, and other form fitting apparel is not appropriate for PE.


8)      SPORTS AND SPIRIT FRIDAYS: Every Friday is “Spirit Friday” at Mason, which means that students can wear a shirt or sweatshirt from any sport, club, or activity that they have been a part of at Mason (dress guidelines for bottoms still apply).  Additionally, on game days, athletes can wear sports jerseys over the top of their dress code top.

Note:  Staff reserves the right to determine the suitability of questionable styles or accessories.  Students will be required to correct uniform violations before attending classes. Students who repeatedly violate dress code standards are subject to progressive discipline.

Examples of Approved Dress Code Items

Examples of Clothing not approved for dress code