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Lister Elementary School

Lister Parent Compact

This is a mutual agreement between Lister Elementary School, the parents/guardians and the students of our school community.



The Principal’s Pledge

As the Principal of Lister Elementary, I will strive to provide an environment that allows for positive communication between teacher, parent and student by:

                *Making Lister accessible, friendly, and welcoming to parents, students and the community.

                *Inviting parents/guardians to participate in their child’s education.

                *Welcoming you to your child’s school to discuss their education.

                *Listening to your concerns.

*Teach and reinforce school expectations of respect,    responsibility and safety.

Signature:  Kristi Amrine, Principal

                     Ronel Balabat, Assistant Principal




The Teacher’s Pledge

As a Lister Elementary teacher, I understand the importance of the school experience to every student and my role as a teacher.  Therefore, I will strive to:

                *Be aware of the individual needs of your child.

*Provide the best possible education to your child by teaching them to read, write, compute and think to the level of their personal ability.

*Teach all the necessary concepts to your child before regular homework is assigned.

*Regularly communicate with you regarding your child’s progress.

*Teach and reinforce school expectations of respect, responsibility and safety.   

 Signature: ______________________, Teacher




The Student’s Pledge

As a Lister Elementary student, I know I am responsible for my personal success and that I must work hard to achieve it.  Therefore, I will:

                *Be prepared, on time, alert, and willing to work to become the best I can be.                

*Follow the school expectations of respect, responsibility and safety.

                *Complete and return all assigned work.

Read at home daily.

Signature:______________________, Student




The Parent/Guardian Pledge

As a parent/guardian of a Lister elementary student, I want my child to excel in their education.  Therefore, I will support the school by:

*Emphasizing to my child the importance of good school attendance.

*Remaining aware of what my child is learning.

*Providing time and space for, as well as monitoring homework.

*Talking to my child each day about school.

*Encourage the school’s expectations of respect, responsibility and safety.

Signature:_________________________, Parent/Guardian


Revised: 11-4-16



Parent/Community Involvement Policy and Compact


Lister Parent and Community Involvement Plan


  • Hold annual program meetings with information on AYP and Title 1 program events each year.

  • Make School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Budget available in a binder to be on display in the Main Office at any time.

  • Parent compact will be given out and signed at  each student’s Partnership Conference

  • Parent Involvement Representative will work with student, staff, community and parents to encourage parent volunteerism and parent involvement.

  • Offer Family Involvement nights for parents where information about Title 1, the school improvement plan, and specific curricular issues will be discussed.

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held twice a year at convenient times during the day to accommodate the needs of working families.

  • A parent representative will participate with the school’s SIP team to review, revise, evaluate, and share the plan annually.

  • A parent involvement evaluation process will be established to evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s improvement plan.  This will be a part of the parent survey sent out twice a year.

  • Notifications will be sent to parents informing them of their rights to know the qualifications of their child’s teacher and para-educator or if they do not meet the highly qualified standards.

  • Parents will be informed in a timely manner about student achievement and assessment including the dates for administration of standardized tests and the results of those tests.

  • An activity calendar will be provided to parents at the beginning of the year and updated regularly.

  • Parents will receive communications from the school in the language spoken in the home whenever requested.  Parents will also be advised of translation/interpretation services available through the district.