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Lincoln High School


Lincoln High School Mission Statement:

Lincoln High School is committed to graduating all students. 
We are a diverse community of scholars dedicated to personal and academic excellence. We strive for the development of strong character and intellectual engagement for all students, ensuring success beyond Lincoln High School.
We Will:
- Develop Personal Responsibility
Act With Integrity
Value Each Other
Embrace Challenge
Take Risks
Cultivate Success
Be Agents of Change in Our Community
- Lead​


Lincoln High School Common Agreements:

  1. We will use research-based instructional strategies with fidelity, such as those found in our staff instructional handbook.
  2. We will actively participate in our weekly inquiry groups.
  3. We will act with integrity and in a spirit of collaboration and support.
  4. We will utilize weekly seminar lessons and actively support seminar students.
  5. We will keep accurate and up-to-date grade books using standards-based grading.