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Lincoln High School

Senior Project

Senior Seminar Checklist
The following portfolio will be your Senior Culminating Project.  This is required not only for part of your grade for seminar but also for graduation.  Place a check by the requirement once you have completed it and placed in your portfolio.
        Cover Page
o   ACT/SAT/Accuplacer/ASVAB or exam scores
        Cover letter introducing yourself, explaining  your high school experience, and your future
        Personal statement essay (1 page max) – Addressing the prompt of one challenge that you have faced, how you overcame that challenge and how has it helped you to become the person you are.
        2 Letters of recommendation - Letters can come from Teachers, Counselors, Administrators, Community members and Employers (no guardians).
        Final Transcript
        Goal Sheet – Goals for senior year and beyond
        Documentation of FASFA (if attending a 2 or 4 year college or technical school)
        College, Military or Job application
        Post High School Plan (Short bio, 1 page max) – what do you plan to do next year (13th year)?  Why is this the best plan for you?
        Documentation of Attendance to at least 1 post high school option
o   College visit in Career Center 
o   College visit at a College Fair
o   Military Recruitment
        Written reflection of High school experience (1 – 3 pages) – Describe a lesson that that you have learned in high school and how this will help you in the future.
        Community service hours (minimum of 30 hours documented) – Double entry journal, 2nd piece of evidence – such as pictures or letter
o   Fall
o   Spring
        Best works (3 graded papers/project from content courses) one needs to include a research component
o   Analytical Paper
o   Expository Paper
         Career Cruising (90% completion)
        Presentations will be conducted as an interview with the following 4 essential questions for guidance:
o   Tell us a little about yourself and how your background has influenced your development as a person
o   Tell us about your community experience project.  What were your goals and objectives that you and your mentor established and what did you learn about yourself and the community?
o   Tell us about your papers/projects and discuss what you learned about the topic.   Please show us some examples of your work from across the curriculum and throughout high school.  With each example of learning please explain why you selected this piece of work and how it shows your growth as a learner.
o   What are your future plans and what have you done in high school to help prepare you for the next step in achieving your goals?
        Spring Presentation to a community member, your seminar teacher and a parent/guardian or other caring adult.

Senior Project Timeline
We will use some seminar time to complete this graduation requirement.  When you complete an assignment place it in your portfolio and have your seminar teacher sign off with the date completed.
Due Date – these are suggested due dates – you can be working on them and turning them in earlier.
Date Completed
10/6/14 or 10/13/14 (one day will be used for SAT registration)
Create a “To-Do” Calendar – including college and scholarship deadlines, assessment tests, finals, class registration ,SLC,  and other important dates.
Portfolio Cover – Title, Student Name, Seminar Teacher, Date.  Must be visible from the front of your closed portfolio.
Personal Statement
2/23/15 – Many will need earlier for college apps
2/23/15 - Many will need earlier for college apps
Letters of Recommendation
Community Service
High School and Beyond Plan
Portfolio – including:
Letter of Introduction – Is reflective in nature, providing the reader with an understanding of who the student is and what the reader may expect to see in the portfolio, including post high school plans.
Exit Interview
​Senior Project Presentation / Interview Rubric: CP_Presentation_Rubric.docxCP_Presentation_Rubric.docx.
​Senior Project Portfolio Rubric: Portfolio_Rubric.docPortfolio_Rubric.doc.