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Lincoln High School

Academic Support & After School Activities

Office Hours for Academic Support

This is for students who need assistance with homework, test preparation, and projects. Assistance is offered from 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Please see the chart below for the location based on subject area.







Room 113




Business Ed

Room 130

Room 106



Family & Consumer Science


Rooms 129 & 303



Ha - CRC

Bergman – 3rd

Hart – 2nd

Higgins – 3rd


Room 102




Industrial Arts/Career Tech





Language Arts

Rooms 324 & 312

Rooms 226 & 200

Rooms 328 & 311

Rooms 108 & 124


Rooms 308, 101, 110, & 105

Rooms 308, 110, 100, & 211

Rooms 330, 227, & 128

Rooms 330 & 128

​Music ​Room 135 ​Room 135


Room 215

Room 225

Room 115

Room 300

Social Studies

Room 310

Room 228

Room 307

Room 207

Special Education

Room 213

Rooms 313 & 318

Rooms 208 & 302

Room 230

World Languages

Room 103

Room 326

Rooms 126 & 127

Room 327


Additional Tutoring

Tutors are available in the library Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. Assistance is provided for the following subject areas: Math, Language Arts, Psychology, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Activities / Clubs :                                                                                                                                        

ABE'S Acres​
  • Advisor: Mr. Iverson |
  • Wednesdays| After School| Greenhouse
  • A group of like-minded youth ready to make a change in our community through gardening, farming, growing plants, and food justice. We oversee, assist, and help other school gardens and run the famouse plant sale and free farm stand. Membership is free to all and you may come and go as you please.

ABEs Got Game
  • Advisor: Mr. Udell |
  • Thursdays | After School | Room 324
  • An inclusive space for fostering a community of game-lovers of all kinds. Veterans and newbies are both welcome! Abe's Got Game provides an after-school space for video game, card game, and table top game participation and tournaments. Students are invited to bring in their own consoles, decks, school-appropriate multi-player games, and monitors to share and play with others in the club. Students are welcome to leave game-related materials with the dlub advisor for safekeeping as well in between meetings.

Bike Club
  • Advisor: Mr. Davio and Mr. Alexander | and
  • Wednesdays | 2:15 to 4:15 | Room 117
  • Bike Club meets once a week and goes on group rides that range from 5 to 15 miles. In the spring, rides increase in length and students have the opportunity to ride the Seattle to Portland two-day ride, free of charge, and earn a PE credit. Bikes, helmets, and water bottles are provided. No bike experience is necessary to join and participate.

Climate Change Club
  • Advisor: Mrs. Reszka |
  • Fridays | After School | Room 215
  • A group of students are coming together to fight climate change on a local level and educate themselves on global policies and changes that could help our planet.

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)
  • Advisors: Mrs. Jansen, Mr. Ruby, Mr. Kelly, and Mrs. Rodriguez |;;; and
  • Wednesdays | After School | Room 306
  • An inclusive place for LGBTQ+ students and allies to talk about important issues and make new friends.

Key Club
  • Advisor: Ms. Ha |
  • Wednesdays | After School | Room 001/CRC
  • Key Club is the world's largest student-led organization that helps our home, school, and community. Become involved in the LHS community and build your leadership skills. We find community service projects to do together. We help people, learn about how to become good citizens, and become great friends.

Latino Club
  • Advisor: Eva Prieto |
  • Tuesdays | After School | Room 103
  • A group of students dedicated to celebrating culture, and educating others about it.

Lincoln Expeditions
  • Advisor: Mr. Dotson |
  • Tuesdays | After School | Room 301
  • Lincoln Expeditions is a group of students who love to travel and see the world around them. We do local day trips to learn about different cultures and occassionally take overnight trips. Trips are free for members, and in the past have included trips to Chinatown (Seattle), Blake Island Native American feast, Shen Yun performances, and numerous restaurants to experience international foods. This is your chance to see what's beyond Tacoma and find out what the world has to offer.

Lincoln High Skills USA
  • Advisor: Mr. Foss |
  • Thursdays| After School | Room 003 Metal Lab
  • Skills USA is a US career and technical student organization serving more than 395,000 high school, college, and middle school students and professional members enrolled in training programs in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations.

Magic: The Gathering
  • Advisor: Mr. Dempster |
  • Wednesdays | After School | Room 310
  • Magic Club seeks to promote social interaction amongst students with common interests, develop self-confidence and communication skills, encourage rational thinking and logical conflict resolution, and to create a safe, non-judgmental space. We also play the legendary card game Magic: The Gathering. Tournaments! Drafts! Commander! Free cards! Beginners welcome.

National Honor Society
  • Advisor: Mrs. Bockus |
  • Tuesdays | After School | Room 200
  • Lincoln's National Honor Society promotes academic accountability for those striving for academic excellence. Club members will check in periodically with the advisor, plan fundraisers or volunteer opportunities, and work toward a National Honor Society medal to demonstrate academic excellence at graduation.

Outdoor Adventure Club
  • Advisor: Mrs. Higgins |
  • Fridays| After School | Room 314
  • Do you like the outdoors? Do you like adventure? We go hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, snowshoeing, and camping. No experience is required! Join our club and experience what the Pacific Northwest has to offer!

Project Lit Book Club
  • Advisor: Mrs. Sierra |
  • Wednesdays | 7:00 a.m., twice per month | Lincoln Library
  • Our club will be a fun, literacy-based club that discusses topics from our featured books. We will explore current issues in our community and country. We will have games, snacks, and trivia during out meetings. We will meet authors via Skype and in-person as well. Community members will join us to add various perspectives to our discussion and enrich our understanding of others and the world around us.

Prostart Club
  • Advisor: Mr. Evans |
  • Mondays| After School | Room 303
  • This club will be working on building a competitive skill set in the Culinary Arts. We will also be having small competitions within the club to help build our culinary skills while working alongside a local chef.

Science Club
  • Advisor: Mrs. Reszka |
  • Fridays | After School | Room 215
  • In its first year, the science club will begin as a place for students to design and run their own experiments. Students will also have opportunities to attend science conferences at University of Washington and other locations, apply for scientific research positions, and get involved in chemistry research at the University of Puget Sound, among many other possibilities.

TRiO Upward Bound - Tacoma (#UP253)
  • Advisor: Mr. Tran |
  • Thursdays | After School | Room C114A
  • This program supports first-generation and low-income students graduate high school and get in to college. We take students on field trips every month, and every summer our students participate in a 1.5 month-long learning institute, where they take college classes, live on a college campus, and build a community of scholars within our cohort structure. UP253 scholars are provided with housing, food, supplies, and mentoring necessary to succeed during programming, high school, and college. Upon successful completion, students are rewarded high school credit to assist in graduating on time.