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Larchmont Elementary School

School Improvement Plan

You can view our full School Improvement Plan by clicking on the link below..  It will be revised

frequently throughout the year to adjust support for students based on up-to-date data analysis. 

Overall goals are shown below. 


Download the full School Improvement Plan »



Here are some highlights:




Academic Excellence and Early Learning:  Although each SMART goal is different and aligns to a specific Tacoma School District goal, an effort was made to narrow the focus and align strategies for a more targeted approach so there were less than six big initiatives.

Academic Excellence Target Area:  Reading for 5th Grade Students:  

Our Current Reality: 6 out of 42 students (14.2%) in: 6 out of 42 students (14.2%) in 5th grade met standard on the ELA SBA. 9 students were identified at level 2 on the ELA SBA.

Our SMART Goal: : 32 out of 45 (70%) students in 5th grade will meet standard on the ELA SBA.


Academic Excellence Target Area:  School Wide Attendance:  

Our Current Reality:  89% of our Kindergarten students attend school daily.  Larchmont Elementary's overall daily attendance is 92.5%.

Our SMART Goal:  95% of Larchmont students will attend school daily.


Early Learning Target Areas:  Reading for 2nd Grade Students:  

Our Current Reality:  9 out of 45 (20%) of second grade students were identified as on or above grade level on the Fall 2017 i-Ready ELA Assessment.

Our SMART Goal:  :  32 out of 45 (70%)  students in second grade will score on or above on the Spring 2018 i-Ready ELA Assessment   

Area of Focus:   Our focus for this year is ELA prioritization and using quality formative assessments, both of these through the lens of intentional planning. 




Our Current Reality:  Larchmont Elementary has 24 community partnerships.  Registered school volunteer data is limited from the previous years.

SMART Goal:  The number of registered parent volunteers/community members will be 75 members strong by June 17, 2018 as measured by the number of registered volunteers/community members on June 17, 2018.


Safety:  To create and maintain safe learning environments that promote academic



Target Areas Time and Place:

Our Current Reality:  There were 53 discipline referrals written between the hours of 11:00 -  2:00 p.m. during the 2016-2017 school year.  There were 32 referrals written outside of that time frame.  62% of the referrals were written in the classroom.  Accuracy of this data is in question due to shift in administration during the 2016 - 2017 school year.

​​​Our SMART Goal:  The number of discipline referrals to the office will be less than 40 as measured by data collected on June 17, 2108.   

Download the full School Improvement Plan »

 Larchmont School Improvement Plan.pdf