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Larchmont Elementary School

I PICK good-fit books

ipick.jpgReading "Good Fit" books is extremely important for students to progress as readers.  Current research has found that children must spend the majority of their independent reading time with books they can comprehend at very high levels and they should already know nearly all the words in the book.  In fact, reading books which are too difficult actually hinders students' development as readers.  

Here's how we teach children to find that just-right book for their level:

I I select a book and look it over, inside & out.

P Purpose: Why might I want to read it? (to learn, to build schema, to be entertained)

I Interest: Does it interest me? Children, like adults, need to be interested in what they are reading.

C Comprehend: Do I understand what I am reading? The purpose and interest may line up, but the book needs to be readable or it isn’t a good fit for me.

K Know: Do I know most of the words? Our standard is 99% accuracy.