Background Checks

Fingerprint Office Information 

Employment is contingent on successful background check.                    

Washington State law requires fingerprinting for all persons who have contact with students.  In addition, fingerprinting is required for employment for applicants who have not been fingerprinted in OSPI's database in the previous two years and for those who have not been fingerprinted in the State of Washington (fingerprints must check through the Washington State Patrol).

To expedite hiring, applicants are strongly encouraged to have their background check done as quickly as possible.  For more information, visit the Fingerprint Background Check Records page of the OSPI website and scroll to the section for WSP Criminal Records Division.

Tacoma Public Schools is happy to assist you in the fingerprinting process if you do not wish to use, or are unable to use, the above WSP method for fingerprinting.  The Tacoma Public Schools Fingerprint Technician will contact you at the appropriate stage of the application process to schedule an appointment in the Central Administration Building (CAB).  Please be aware that fingerprinting is done by appointment only.  At the time of fingerprinting with Tacoma Public Schools, it will be necessary for you to provide the following:

  • Current Photo ID
  • Fingerprinting fee: $65.25 (note: this can be deducted from your paycheck after being hired)
  • Your Social Security Card and Bank Routing information (note: Bank Routing information must  be presented in one of the following forms: Voided Check, Deposit Slip, Direct Deposit Form)
  • Note: Processing fingerprints via Tacoma Public Schools will take approximately 4-6 weeks from the date of your appointment - Processing fingerprints through WSP is often faster

Fingerprint results must be on file with OSPI to be considered current and applicable for school district employment.  You have the option of having your fingerprints taken by OSPI  directly to fulfill your  fingerprint requirements with Tacoma Public Schools.  Review the OSPI Website for additional Information.

New Hires for Tacoma Public Schools will be contacted by Human Resources to schedule a Fingerprinting Appointment.