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Jason Lee Middle School

Students and Parents/Guardians FAQ's

Student & Parent/Guardian



Please share this with your parent/guardian and keep for reference throughout the school year.




All students who participate in any athletic activity are required to purchase ASB membership.  This can be done at the Main Office.  All athletic information for Jason Lee will be posted on the Pierce County League (PLC) website.  You can access this by going to Jason Lee’s website ( – Activities – Athletics – click on PIERCE COUNTY LEAGUE WEBSITE – “JLMS” for Jason Lee.  This is the website that the Athletic Director (AD) uses to communicate sports related information.  Athletic Clearance, registration, game schedules, try-out information, and game schedules will all be located here.  Athletic Clearance is a term that will be new for 2018-19.  Students must be cleared through the AD’s office to participate in sports at Jason Lee. This is done prior to EACH sports session. The AD will put the Athletic Clearance dates and times on the PCL website.  Students will need to come during the posted clearance dates/times to meet with the AD.  After being cleared, students will receive an Athletic Permit.  This needs to be kept safe, as the coach will ask for the permits at try outs.  If students come during non-posted dates/time for clearing, there is no guarantee the AD will be on campus.  Keep in mind, the AD schedule is very different than the rest of the staff on campus and he may not always be on campus.  Questions that can’t be answered on the PCL website can be directed to  




Good attendance is vital to student success at Jason Lee Middle School and we want nothing more than for you to be successful while here.  Take a moment and think about how large and unique Jason Lee campus is.  We have 600 students spread across a 7+ acre campus.  Depending on the class, e.g. Music, PE, Art, it can be extremely difficult to locate students.  Because of how large and vast our campus is, we do attendance a little differently than what you have been accustomed to at elementary school.  We want you to feel empowered to be a responsible adult and take ownership of your attendance.  You have one dedicated Attendance Secretary, Ms. Nordi.  Her email is and her phone number is 253-571-7693. Your Attendance Office is in the Main Office. For more on our Attendance Policy, see page 107 in the Student Handbook. 


Early Dismissal (ED): Any student leaving for an early dismissal MUST be signed out in the Main Office, no exceptions!  The person picking you up will need to come to the Attendance Office to sign the dismissal slip, and you will be called out of class when they arrive.  Please avoid leaving class early, and wait to be called down.  Anyone picking you up must be listed as an emergency contact and provide valid ID when they arrive.  If they are not listed, you will not be allowed to leave with them. 


Absent or Tardy: If you are going to be absent/tardy from school, your parent/guardian can either email Ms. Nordi or leave her a voicemail.  Please provide the parent/guardian name, student’s name, ID# if known, return phone number, and a brief reason for the occurrence.  A signed note from your parent/guardian can also be submitted upon your arrival back to school. 


Sick: If you become sick while you are at school, please do not text your parent/guardian and ask that they come get you.  You can tell your teacher that you are sick and need to go to the Nurse’s Office with a timed and signed pass.  If you need to go home, the Nurse will contact your parent.  When your parent/guardian comes to get you, they should let the Main Office know you are in with the Nurse.  They will be directed to the Nurse’s Office to sign you out from there.  


Testing and Assembly Days: Please do not text your parent/guardian after a test or before an assembly and ask that they come pick you up from school. Unless it is a TPS District scheduled early release day, the dismissal bell rings at 2:50. 


Bell Schedules


Bell schedules can be found on Jason Lee’s website, (select Jason Lee under “Schools”) or  Under the “Resources” tab, you will find our Bell Schedules. 




Important dates for the school district will be available on the district’s website.  A “Calendar” link is available on both the “Parents” and “Students” tab on  A button that says, “More Calendars” is on the top left and provides printable calendars for this school year and the next school year.  School calendars are mailed to you over the summer, but if you need a replacement or extras for family members, you can pick them up at the Main Office or from the District Office.


Closed Campus Policy


Just like visitors are not allowed on campus during the school day, students are not allowed to leave campus during the school day without a yellow early dismissal slip and explicit parent permission.  Once you arrive on campus, either by bus or parent has dropped you off, you are not allowed to leave campus until the afternoon dismissal bell.  For more information, including disciplinary action, please see page 109 of the Student Handbook.




Jason Lee’s top goals are your safety and your education.  We take both extremely seriously.  We strive for limited classroom disruptions.  If you forget items at home and it gets delivered to you at school, you will not be called down from class.  You will have to come to the Main Office during passing periods or during lunch (but don’t be late to your next class) to pick up your item.  It is not staff’s responsibility to find you on campus when a delivery has been made.  Furthermore, to ensure the orderly operation of Jason Lee, personal celebration items will no longer be acceptable in the building during the school day.  These items include, but are not limited to: flowers, balloons, tiaras, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, wrapped gifts/presents etc. Birthdays should be celebrated after school hours and not on Jason Lee campus.  This policy is to support our goal of making sure all Jason Lee students are safe and are being provided a conducive learning environment.  Please see page 110 in the Student Handbook for more details.


Food Delivery Services:  Outside food cannot be ordered and delivered to Jason Lee.  It will be refused upon delivery.  This policy is put in place for the health, safety, and security of all students.  This is a district-wide policy. 


Dress Code


Jason Lee has a strict uniform policy.  We want our Bobcats to be responsible, respectful young adults.  You are required to be in uniform every day, except for free dress days.  On free dress days, what you wear cannot be offensive, gang related, promote drugs/alcohol, or disrupt the classroom learning environment.  It must follow the dress code as it is stated in the Handbook.  The complete dress code policy is located on pages 8-9 in the Student Handbook and located on the Jason Lee website. 


Important Phone Numbers


When you call Jason Lee at 253-571-7700, we have created an option to expedite your call, saving you time and providing you ease.  Please use the following options:


Homework Request – Opt. #1

Attendance – Opt. # 2

Guidance/Counselor’s Office Opt. # 3

Nurse #4

Hilltop Artist. #5

Main Office Opt. #6


The contact tab in the banner of Jason Lee website has a complete staff directory.  You are more than welcome to reach out to staff using their email or direct line.


Leaving Class


Leaving class is not conducive to the learning environment.  We ask that you use your time wisely to take care of business outside of the classroom. The best time to take care of needs is before or after school, or during lunch.  Some examples of things to take care of during your own time and not during class time, are: making purchases or paying fees, getting a bus pass, asking the Guidance Office if you can make an appointment to see your counselor, etc. 


Lunch Money


Another great tool to know about is our Nutrition Services website,, or – Parents – School Meals.  You can load money to your account, check your account balance and set alerts.  This is also where you would apply for free or reduced lunch. It’s a very convenient and informative site! 


Personal Electronic Devices


Jason Lee does not allow the use of personal digital devices during classes, unless requested by a teacher to use as an educational resource.  Cell phones are not required for any class.  While at Jason Lee personal digital devices (cell phone, iPod, Tablets, etc.) must be turned off and secured in your lockerJason Lee is not responsible for lost or stolen devices.  Students bring devices at your own risk.  More information regarding electronic devices, including disciplinary action for misuse of electronic devices, can be found on page 111 of the Student Handbook.


School Supply List


Your teachers will tell you during the first week of school any specific supplies they want you to have, if any.  Jason Lee offers a binder of all the basic supplies needed for $15, and can be purchased at any time in the Main Office.  The binder includes the following:   4” wide binder, five-tab dividers, zipper pouch, pencils, pencil sharpener, pens, composition books (enough for all classes), erasers, highlighters, and colored pencils.  Many of these supplies are replenished throughout the year.  If you need to replace any supplies, please let your advisory teacher know or visit the Main Office.


Student Handbook

You can find an electronic version of the Student Handbook on Jason Lee’s website under “Resources”.  It is recommended that you and your parent/guardian spend time familiarizing yourself with the Student Handbook.  It is very informative and includes helpful information on things like the attendance policy, dress code, graduation requirements, bell schedules, clubs and athletics, to name just a few. 


Student Store


 Jason Lee has an amazing Student Store.  The Student Store sells spirit wear, snacks, drinks, and some school supplies.  The Student Store is located near the Lunchroom. It is available to you after school only.




Please become familiar with the “BUS ROUTES” section of TPS’ website under the Parent’s section.  There is a lot of great information and tools on this website. This is where you will go to find out if a bus is provided for you and its route information.  If you are going to take the school bus, you will need to register with Ms. Nordi sometime during the first few weeks of school.  Ms. Nordi will be available daily in the Main Office from 7:45-3:00. It is OK to begin the school year riding the bus, while you wait to meet with Ms. Nordi.  Once routes are confirmed through Transportation, you will be required to provide a half-slip to the driver, which you obtain from Ms. Nordi.


Visitors & Volunteers


Anyone coming to Jason Lee must first check in at the front office, sign the visitor’s log, and receive a badge.  Classroom visitations must be pre-arranged with the principal and teacher(s) at least 24 hours prior to the desired visit date/time.  Those that are volunteering must complete the required Volunteer Form and be cleared before volunteering at Jason Lee.  This is required for any of the following activities: observing in a student’s classroom, chaperoning on field trips and/or dances, coaching or assistant coaching a sport, working in the building/classroom, any other activity where a student might be present.  More information on visitation and volunteering can be found on page 113 of the Student Handbook.


Jason Lee Website –


We highly recommend that students and their parents/guardians become familiar with Jason Lee’s website.  It has important and useful information.  The “Contact” tab has every staff member’s phone number and email.  Parents are welcome to contact their student’s teachers and counselor using their direct contact information.   Under the “Resources” tab are important links to other sites which include, Bell Schedules, Student Handbook, Counselor’s Office section, our Anti-Bullying Pledge, Lunch Money site, etc.  Also, check out the Programs/Activities menu option.  You can look at Jason Lee clubs and access our Athletics site. ​