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We are pleased to welcome you to the Jefferson Volunteer Program. This very successful program has provided us with capable, caring volunteers who serve as valuable resources to enrich our students' school experience. The continued success of the Volunteer Program will be determined by the degree of commitment to the program and by continual communication on the part of everyone involved. The staff and administration strongly support your presence and participation in our programs. We will utilize your expertise and guide you with ours. 

This year we will retain the established format and processes. These include:

  • a completed volunteer form (see below),
  • volunteer orientation to explain expectations and routine procedures
  • an evaluation process

We will continue to expect volunteers to adopt a professional attitude, when dealing with our students. Our volunteers must be discrete, trustworthy, reliable and compassionate. 

We appreciate your willingness to give of yourself and your time. Our children will benefit from your many contributions as well as by seeing you in a different role. Your reward will be more intrinsic; the students' smiles, laughter and the knowledge that your time has been well spent are all that we can offer you. We thank you for your support and willingness to assist us, as we provide our students a quality education.   

Parent/Guardian Volunteers (Use this form if you are a parent or guardian of a Jefferson student) 

Student Volunteers (Use this form if you are currently a student under the age of 18)

Community Volunteers (Use this form if you are a community member and have no children enrolled at a Tacoma school)