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Industrial Design Engineering and Art


​Microterm is from Monday June 10th - Friday June 14th, 2019 at SOTA, SAMI and IDEA.

Monday-Thursday Microterm is from 8:45 AM - 3:30 PM
Friday Microterm is from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM


 IDEA Campus

2 Wheels, 5 Days, 3 Schools: Gritty City Exploration
Doss Bradford
This micro term will introduce you to the ins and outs of biking around Tacoma and the surrounding areas. Each day will consist of exploring different parts of Tacoma and learning about the history and culture of the different neighborhoods and learning how to provide basic maintenance for your bikes. The class will also explore the politics and culture of traveling by bike around the world. 

Action for All: Making Action Movies for Everyone
Dave Mylet, Kevin Heinrich
Want to make a 21st century action movie? Then you’ll probably have to learn how to ditch stereotypical gender and racial roles while simultaneously learning about stage fighting, gore makeup and film technique. Join us as we look back at the checkered past of action films to learn how to write, act, film and edit the action film of the future! Imagination required.

Electronic Assembly
Peter Rutter
In this course, we will build various electronic devices designed to connect to breadboards for both experimentation and mathematical analysis. The course will be very light on the math part - I will leave that for next year's Pre-Calculus classes - but we will build and experiment all day, every day. You'll learn assembly, soldering, desoldering, and troubleshooting techniques. What will we build? Speaker crossovers, phase shifters, oscillators, lighting controllers, amplifiers, grow lights, etc. Everything we build will be used again & again in IDEA's math, circuit, engineering, and science courses.​

IDEA Bike Locker Construction
Melissa Moffett
IDEA Junior, Josiah Anderson, was just awarded a grant to construct bike lockers at IDEA!  We are looking for a team of students who are familiar with construction and shop tools (or willing to learn from team leads) to build bike locker pods during Micro-Term.  We may also have a few IDEA Garden projects to tidy up before summer break.  Dress to work outside every day.

IDEA's for Camp 2019!
Kelilah Johnson, Audrey Wilson
Do you care about CAMP? Do you want your voice to be heard? Then join us and help set the culture for our school year. You will be planning and testing out camp activities for both your entire school and the mentor groups. Your skills are needed to run the showcases from on the stage or behind the scenes. Your leadership skills will increase as you help support your fellow students and welcome the class of 2023. This will be an important microterm which will be focused on FUN and working together to strengthen our community! *Note: This microterm is required if you want to emcee during camp!

Metal Yard Art
Johnny Devine
Up-cycle old steel scrap into attractive yard art using welding, angle grinders, and other exciting metal shop tools.  The perfect gift for any occasion!  Every student will be trained on the appropriate tools necessary to accomplish the job.  A great experience for anyone with little to know experience in this domain.  

Propel - Designing STEM Camp for Future Changemakers
Mari Thiersch
Microsoft's research states that "72% of the girls polled said it was important for them to have jobs that directly helped the world, but only 37% thought of STEM careers as being creative or making the world better." 

To tackle the worlds biggest problems, we need all stakeholders at the table. When representation in STEM is unbalanced, we lose out on key perspectives to help us better understand and create positive change in the world. During microterm, help create a weeklong camp for girls to show them how STEM students can change the world. Together, we will create STEM design challenges, learn how to support and mentor others and connect social and environmental issues to STEM. Then come back the week of July 22nd to IDEA and be an Ambassadors or Ally volunteer to middle school, and hopefully future SAMI, IDEA and SOTA students. We need a diverse group of students to help run this camp to show representation in STEM. This microterm is selective and requires teacher recommendation. If interested, please fill out this form​ 

Systems of Peace
Ben Warner
This micro term we will be exploring conflict, peace, systems, and old/new forms of power. We will be using multiple frameworks including but not limited to, individual, family, community, city/ institutions, and country. The majority of our classes will be at the University of Washington Tacoma. Dr. Jill Purdy (Vice Chancellor) will be teaching the class for one hour each day in the Chancellor’s office.

The Micro-Micro-Term
Linnea Bostrom, Blake Hansen
Has your interest in creating and making gone dormant? Do you worry that you aren’t “creative” but really want to be? Have you ever thought that bigger isn’t always better? If you answered “yes,” “maybe,” or “tell me more,” to any of these questions this might be the Micro-Term for you. Our goal is to rekindle your inspiration, to help you find the type of creative that you haven’t discovered yet, and to challenge the the world’s perception that bigger is better. 

We want to connect you with the resources for makers (of all shapes, sizes, and creations-with an emphasis on tiny) that Tacoma has to offer. Take a field trip to a local business, or stay in the Fabrication Lab and spark your creative side. Get inspired for summer-and pick up some tips to market your brand of creative to the world - or just Tacoma (because in this Micro-Term we’re trying to keep everything small). ​

 SOTA Campus

Adulting 101
Farrington Cador
18! Wooo hooo!!! You've Graduated high school, maybe off to college, maybe off to work, maybe you're taking a gap year... But wait, what's this credit card offer? Insurance?! What do you mean I have to have insurance? 1st & last?! I have to come up with that much $$$$ for an apartment?! Overwhelming right?! No problem! Adulting 101 has you covered! In this micro-term, we'll explore everything from higher education, landing your dream job, to buying a house! You've got questions, we've got answers!

Camp 101: Student Leadership at SOTA
Emily Wickman and Derrick Robinson
If you want to be a student leader, helping make SOTA everything it can be starting at camp, this class is for you.  This class is required for newly elected ASB officers, and anyone who wants to audition to be an emcee on stage at camp.  It is strongly encouraged for each club to send one leadership student.  Additionally, this is open to all grades and requires no previous leadership experience, only a passion for helping to make your school better, either on stage or behind the scenes.  Come learn about how to build community with us and own your role in making us all better.

Camp Lake Helena
​Diane Savage, Dave Savage, Margi Cabrera
Do you love camp? Did you know that the YMCA is opening up a brand new Day Camp at Lake Helena this summer? If you would like to be a part of the inaugural summer of this new camp, then join us! We will be traveling out to the new camp site on the Key Peninsula and working to help get the camp ready. We will be working outside, rain or shine (hopefully shine!), so come prepared each day! We will meet in the mornings at 8:30 AM at the TCC Park and Ride to catch our bus. If you are already a part of the Camp Seymour Service and Study Tour, or if you are still hoping to be a part of it, please join us! Come be a part of the historic first summer of Camp Lake Helena!

Cards, Dice and Meeples
Brian Regimbald, Mark Thomason, Melisssa Moore
We will learn and perfect a variety of skills that will help you be better at boardgames.   Expect to learn a lot of new games and go back and deduce how best you will dominate at that particular game.  We will spend the mornings learning news games and systems and we will spend the afternoons perfecting those skills.

Debbie Shapiro, Zach Hightower
This Microterm class is an opportunity for you to help re-design, re-create and make functional the Music Box collaborative learning spaces. Help design hanging window gardens, professionally print new positive message posters and finally re-imagine how to not only sound proof the spaces but to repurpose furniture for classrooms collaborative learning space.  Bring your creative ideas and willingness to work hard. We want to love being in the Music Box as if it's a special SOTA home.

In Every Sense: Poetry and Peace Wherever You Are
Mark Kloepper, Michele Shepard Savage
June: the last tests taken, the final papers finished, the Seniors said goodbye. One more week of time for the rest of us to pause, breathe deeply, and adjust; time to relearn to move through our world without stress or deadlines. Each day of this Microterm we will meditate, read and write poetry, and enjoy a lot of time outdoors. In the forest, at the beach, in parks and around town, we'll walk and watch, be still and listen, reach out to smell, touch, and reconnect with the world.  Bring poetry and peace into your life as you prepare yourself for adventure this summer.

Join us in June!  
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
Be ready to walk, stretch, and meditate.  
Bring notebook, pen, and Orca card for local travel. 

Into the (Almost) Wild
Aaron Shamp, Adam Brastad
Film, exercise, and record nature in our hiking micro-term! Hikes will begin in Point Defiance at the beginning of the week and become more difficult each day. We will end with two challenging day hikes at the end of the week. In addition to hiking, students will watch films about the outdoors, write in journals daily, and document their adventures through photography, audio recording, and videotaping. Students must be prepared for hiking every day with the following items: comfortable hiking/walking shoes, weather-appropriate layers of clothing, sunglasses/hat/sunscreen, lunch, water bottle, snacks, journal. This class is HIGHLY recommended for students willing to hike, take photos, and film.

Gabriel McPherson, Amy Alwert
It's time to admit that LEGOs are not just for our 8 year old selves! Join us in a series of MEGA Lego builds. Rekindle a childhood obsession, or discover a new hobby. With over 40,000 Legos at our disposal, including 3 MEGA Builds of over 4,500 pieces per build, We're gonna need all the help we can get! Learn how to sort and control a large build. Study real-world-applicable engineering and architectural techniques. We'll even explore how  Sketch Up, augmented/virtual reality, as well as other digital 3D techniques can help you design and build your own Lego-tropolis. You can even dig up your long stored away bricks for the class to tear to shreds and build back into Lego Glory! NOTE: Sets planned for featured builds include: TOWER BRIDGE, BIG BEN, TAJ MAJAL, STATUE OF LIBERTY, STAR WARS X_WING FIGHTER< STAR WARS TIE_FIGHTER.

Making it Up As We Go Along!
Harris Levinson, Brett Vandiver
Being able to think on the spot is often a quality we admire...and it is one you
can develop with our games and activities! We look forward to spending this week improving our improv, inside and outside of Ted Brown. Our improv class is not just for theater majors, though all of you who couldn't join us in January because of the Rent mini-term should definitely sign up. Dancers, filmmakers, visual artists, and animators can all benefit greatly from practicing the art of Saying YES.Join us!

MILK: Ice Cream, Yoghurt, Cheese
Anthony Blake, Doris Conrath
Learn how to turn milk into delicious dairy treats.  Experiment with ingredients and methods to create your own blends, flavors, and recipes.  You will take Instagram-ready pictures of your creations to share with friends.  We will take trips to see how dairy products are made.  Be prepared to taste and eat what we make.

Plenty of Air
Terri Placentia, Kristina Lewin
Step outside.  Walk slowly. Breathe. Open all of your senses and begin a creative journey that uses art materials to express the sense of wonder that being in nature can provide for us all.  The healing properties of nature are known by the Japanese as Shinrin-Yoku, and are practiced as a health regime.  The French term En Plein Air refers to artwork that is created outdoors rather than in the studio, allowing artists to capture the dancing light and shadow that can only come from natural settings.  This micro-term will take advantage of the beautiful summer weather ahead of us. We will tour around Tacoma with art supplies in hand, ready to capture our environment in a creative way. We will discuss the physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors and experience them first hand. Join us and let your creative spirit find its way outside! (All artist levels are welcome and encouraged.)

Swingin' Sticks
Michael Hagman, Jordan Villalpando
Get out, get sporty! Join Hagmann and Jordan, the new Rory McElroy and Michele Wi, as we focus on the art of golf. We will spend our (hopefully) sunny June week at Meadowpark Golf Course learning the history and science behind golf. How do you putt for maximum efficiency? Launch a ball down the fairway like Happy Gilmore? We will learn about the history of the game, the legends, and play a whole lot of rounds. By the end of the week, we expect to see you at the next US Open, or at least out at the driving range this summer! 

The Art of Dream Analysis
Cornelius Brundi, Brian Scannell
Yes, the dream you are having about being chased by robot clowns means something! This micro term class will be a broad overview of the pioneering work of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung in the field of dream analysis. We will spend our time looking at our dreams and learning the art of interpreting symbolism. We will also transform our dreams into visual art. Please note that this class involves reading and walking outside. 

You'll Like Tacoma
Betsy Gordon, Lucie Kroschel
New York is the Big Apple. Chicago is the Windy City. Los Angeles is La La Land. Tacoma is…? During this microterm, students will consider Tacoma’s sense of ‘place’. Are we the City of Destiny? The Gritty City? Visiting neighborhoods and working with various community partners, we will explore Tacoma not just as one big city, but as a diverse set of smaller pieces that make a greater whole. What is the feel of downtown Tacoma? Hilltop? North East? Wear sunscreen, comfortable shoes and pack your Orca card. You’ll Like Tacoma.​

 SAMI Campus

Bilingual Beekeeping
Lauren Anderson, Joshua Nunez
If you have a hunger to improve our natural world and have a pallet for sweets, and want to expand your Spanish-speaking skills, consider joining our micro-term on Bilingual Bee-keeping! Acronym for Abejas/Bees: "Bee" a "sweet" change in our world!!!
Affect the quality of life in WA's farming communities in both English and Spanish
Bee awareness, protection and multiplication
Ensure more communities develop local plans
Joyful bees make happy honey
Appreciate the essential role of bees in human survival
Support BEES!

College Leadership Laboratory
Jennifer Boutell, Jacob Hansen
Be a leader! Help bring great college visit opportunities to our school, while you learn about the college application process. In this class, we will plan next year's college fair, learn the ins and outs of college admissions, and develop advocacy skills to offer peer support to other students. We will be visiting local four year and 2 year colleges and exploring what leadership looks like on college campuses.

Comedy and Culture
Stephanie Skaggs, Dustin Matthews
What do our jokes tell us about our society? Why is that meme funny? How has humor changed through time and across worldwide cultures? 

In this much-anticipated Microterm, we will be watching, discussing, and performing comedy. We will be exploring stand-up, improv, and sketch, working toward final performances to be shared at camp. Please only register for this course if you want to help create a safe, open-hearted, and hilarious space with your classmates! 

Sandy Farewell, Troy Hashagen
Humans have been creating things with their hands since the beginning of time.  Nothing is more satisfying, than a creation made by your own two hands.  As you learn to hand sew and knit, you’ll be able to make and take masks, bags, hats and small toys. Then with a little technology, sew in lights and give your creation that WOW factor that will get people asking:  How did you do that????

Hike and Explore
Matt Londsale, Kristen Orlando
In the second largest city park in the nation, students will explore the trails of Point Defiance park while learning about the organisms that live both in the forest and on the beaches.  This class will explore the hidden gems of the forest, and the wonders of the intertidal areas that are often overlooked.  Each day will find students roaming the woods, exploring the wonders of the forest and beaches, reading a little poetry, and spending time writing reflection, description, and explanation.  Join us for Hike and Explore as we hike the park and explore the natural wonders found around us. Please be sure to dress to be outside and to wear the appropriate footwear for hiking on trails and rocky beaches. Sunscreen recommended.

Innovate the Zoo - through Design
Brett Knisely, Melinda Shutler
We will use the engineering design process to take on projects for which the SAMi and Zoo community have asked our assistance. A step counter for an armadillo, an elephant feeder, or maybe a mirror box for the porcupine.The goal is to use the design process, CAD programs and our equipment at SAMi to build prototypes. 

It’s Not Magic, It’s Just Psychology: Art and Symbolism of Tarot
Mary Mann, Carol Brouillette
Visual Art is all about SYMBOLS! In this micro term we are going to explore the meaning of symbols in art throughout history with a focus on the tarot, but also investigating still life, mythology, and other art forms. We will learn the history of tarot cards, the symbols that are used in them to express meaning and how they have evolved over the years. Students design their own tarot cards inspired by their own symbols and passions. If you like drawing, graphic design, history, mystery, and want to have fun, this micro term is for you.

Jump Start to AP/College in the High School
Tran (Tracy) Le, Tim Chalberg
Do you worry about making your transcript look as impressive as possible for colleges? Are you excited to challenge yourself in College in the High School (CITHS) and AP classes but anxious about the challenge too? Take this microterm to get some answers and quell your worst fears. Preparing for AP exams can feel like a Sisyphean task, but you can do it! We will cover all things CITHS and AP, ranging from how the programs work to specific content you can look at over the summer to feel well prepared the first day of class. We will also cover all the major steps to success in these courses, including content review, creating study plans, test-taking strategies, and exploring local university(s). Join us! 

Leading By Design: SAMi Emcees and Masters of Detail
Julie Whalen, Matt Sherls
Do you like microphones?
Do you like emceeing?
Do you know a lot about SAMi?
Do you want to help be a spokes-person who can share what SAMi is all about? 
If you said yes to all those questions join this micro-term!! 
You will learn to be a SAMi Ambassador of Introductions and 'set up' with a classy and formal flair. This micro-term is an opportunity to learn what it means to command a microphone with confidence knowing the message you share will be heard and received; you'll learn microphone etiquette with poise, posture, and articulation. If you think you know our school -- perfect! But if you know you could learn even more (you will) so you can confidently share about the 4 Pillars that guide our SAMily, our Vision, and the Mission of our SAMi community. We will explore details of our diversified student body, make sure you know the staff, what they teach, and what clubs they lead. You will be presenters and guides for the year(s) to come and have the chance to step on stage at camp, Back to School Night, Admissions events, assemblies, and Artrageous to name a few. You will grow your skills in: Performance, Presentation, Event Production, and Group-Management, and if you are a musician, stand-up comic, or aspiring educator all the better and we think this micro term is for you! 

Carla Parker, Metro Parks Staff
If you meet the prerequisites (described below) for this course, you will be interviewed and hired by Metro Parks on the first day of class!!! Location of this class is the new Eastside Community Center Pool, 1721 E 56th St, Tacoma, WA 98404. Bus routes serving the area are the 54 and the 41. You must arrange your own transportation to the pool.
1) You must have turned 15 by December 2018.
2) Before 6/10, you must demonstrate your ability to swim without stopping, using side breathing, for 100 yards (2 round trips in the pool) for Shallow Water Lifeguard certification or 300 yards (6 round trips in the pool) for Lifeguard certification. Swimming on the back or side is not allowed. We will find a time that fits your schedule to do this test at the pool before Microterm starts.
3) Before 6/10, you must view 7.5 hours of online Red Cross Lifeguarding videos and pass two online tests.
You will need to have a bathing suit that is appropriate for lifeguarding. Expect to be in the water, practicing rescue skills on your fellow classmates. You will not be able to leave for lunch. Bring a sack lunch or sign up for a school sack lunch. Lifeguarding skills not only open up employment opportunities, they also prepare you to serve your family and community.

Our Point Defiance Adventure Story
Shelby Jawer, Duncan White
Do you like being outside?  Are you seeking adventure? Are you competitive?  Do you want to learn how to channel that competitiveness into team successes and personal growth?  We will be seeking adventures both real and fictional in the beautiful forest of Point Defiance Park.  Students who are looking to read, write, and live their own adventure story should look no further.  
Bring comfortable outdoor clothing and shoes and a positive team mindset!

Parks and Rec
Laurie Woodward, Bethany Schmidt
It’s the last week of the school year, and who wants to spend it indoors!? Not you! It’s time for you to discover and engage with our beautiful park! We will be embarking on a journey to learn more about the people, places, history, and environments that make our home here in Pt. Defiance so special. Join Schmidt, Woodward, our Pt. Defiance Park Rangers, and more to learn about and protect our park, work on ranger related job skills, and create meaningful lessons for the public. Our goal is to teach other’s how to explore, learn, and protect our park too. Plan on spending most of our time outdoors, and teaching lessons to other students be they young or young at heart.

Robot Design: a Pre-Season and Outreach Endeavor
Rich Williams
Did you know we have two small robotics teams that compete in the fall?  If you’ve been interested in getting involved with our school’s robotics teams but never got around to it, now’s your chance.  We’re trying out some designs to prepare for next year’s competition.  We’re also, designing, building and programming a smaller robot to be used as an outreach robot to inspire younger students at events throughout this summer.  Whether you’re new to robotics or an experienced roboticist, we want you!

Up a Creek Without a Paddle
Rob Felix, Tanja Owenby
Your plane crashed in the Cascades leaving you without shelter, water or food. You have no idea where you are and which direction to seek help. Join us in an exploration of how to get unstuck. We will be learning basic navigation skills, how to build shelters, and how to mentally prepare yourself to survive the unexpected. Come prepared to be outside every day, all day, and to participate in physical activity. We are looking forward to discussing the four “P’s” of survival: Positive thinking, Preparedness, Persistence and Problem solving as we spend the week adventuring. 

Wildlife Toy Box
Maria Jost, Melinda Shutler, Brett Knisely
Do you like animals? Are you interested in animal behavior? Do you like making things?  Then this may be the class for you!  We are partnering with PDZA to explore and create environmental enrichment for some of their animals. Environmental enrichment is the process of creating stimulating environments that allow species to demonstrate their natural behaviors as well as have control and choice in their lives.  You will learn about PDZA’s enrichment program, analyze appropriate enrichment for different kinds of animals, and maybe even help out behind the scenes.  You will also get to spend time producing enrichment projects and observing their implementation in animal exhibits, in order to evaluate effectiveness and success! Students in this class will need to be flexible, responsible, and patient observers with an interest in animal behavior.

Zoo Language - Set your Language Loose in the Park
Mary DeWine, Kayo Charbonnel-Mackley, Guadalupe Bojorquez
Do you speak another language and love spending micro term outside? This adventure is for you!

Walk the woods, beaches and gardens of Point Defiance. Dabble in different languages and share yours. This micro term's goal is to make our park more accessible to non English speakers. Each day, students and teachers will explore other languages and soak up the outdoors while making videos for a Point Defiance Park app. Come connect our amazing park with the diverse language communities in T-Town and beyond. 


​​Registration for 2019 Spring Microterm is now closed. Please contact your mentor for microterm placement.