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Industrial Design Engineering and Art

Master Schedule - SPRING 2020

​​Courses and Descriptions

Engineering and Computer Science

Pre-Engineering (9thGrade) – Intro to CAD Design, scale drawing and using tools in both fabrication spaces and labs (no pre-requisites). 


Engineering 1-2 (10thand 11thGrade) – CAD Design, machine tool programming, scale drawing and hand tools. Students will learn to use computers and tools to design and build products. (Pre-Engineering required). 


Engineering 3-4 (11thand 12thGrade) – CAD Design, advance machine tool programming, students will build more advanced and complex projects using computers, simulation and both metal and wood materials and composites. (Engineer 1-2 required). 


Applied Engineering (11thGrade) – Engineering taught through the lens of physics. Students will learn to use computer simulation, small electronics and machine tool programming to design, build and test a variety of products (required for all juniors). 


Marine Engineering (11thand 12thgrade) – Students will learn to build small marine vessels and learn to test them in a marine setting using a tow tank (Engineering 1-2 required). 


Bike Frame Building (11thand 12thgrade) – Students will learn to design, build and construct bicycles from scratch using computer modeling, simulation and welding tools (Engineering 1-2 required). 


Exploring Computer Science (10th, 11thand 12thGrade) – Students will learn the basics of computer programming from HTML and CSS to basic Java and some Python. 


Game Design (11thand 12thGrade) – Students will continue with computer science by developing more advanced programming in Python and start to use Arduino circuits and small electronics (exploring computer science required). 


Advanced Computer Science (11thand 12thGrade) – Students will explore advanced programming language and work on a larger culminating project and work with large data sets (Game Design and Exploring Computer Science required). 


Machine Tool Technology (11thand 12thGrade) – Students will specifically learn to use the CNC machines in both lab spaces to design and build machines (Engineering 1-2 required). 


Eco-Marathon Team (10th, 11thand 12thGrade) – students will design, build and test a fuel-efficient vehicle for competition (must get pre-approval from an engineering team teacher)


Art and Design

Foundations of Design(9thand 10th) – Students will learn the basics of design fundamentals and how to draw, sketch and use vectors. They will also learn about the history of design (no prerequisites). 


Studio Art(10thand 11th) – Students will learn painting and drawing techniques and learn how to use multiple types of media to create art (Foundations of Design or Illustration required).


Computer Graphics(10thand 11th) – Students will learn to use vector-based drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Maya and Rhino to make 2D and 3D art (Foundations of Design or Illustration required)


Architectural Design(11thand 12th) – Students will learn to design using 3D modeling to design for architectural spaces (Foundations of Design or Computer Graphics required)


Industrial Design(11thand 12th) – Students will learn to sketch and design products in 3D both on paper and in 3D software such as Maya and Rhino (Computer Graphics and Illustration required). 


Electronic Music(10th, 11thand 12th) – Students will learn to program and compose music in a digital realm using Ableton Live and Push Controllers). 



BioChem (9thand 10th) – Biology and Chemistry taught over two years in a lab setting. 


Chemistry (11thonly) – Chemistry for all students who have already taken biology and not chemistry. After 2019-20 this will no longer be offered. 


Physics of Light and Waves (11thand 12th) – Physics electives focused on the properties of light, sound, radar, lidar and all wave theory. 


Physics of Earth and Space (11thand 12th) – Physics elective focused on the forces and matter of earth and space. 


Apiary Science (11thand 12th) – Explore the sciences of beekeeping. This course will study the ingredients and formation of health supplements for pollinators, natural and synthetic honey chemistry, and genetics within a hive. Special topics will vary depending on the season.


Microscopy (11thand 12th) – Get comfortable using multiple types of staining techniques to discover the world our naked eyes can't see. From dissection scopes to high resolution processing, gain skills to illuminate the microbes around you.


AP Physics 1 (12th) – Physics centered around the AP physics curriculum to prepare students in a project-based setting for the AP Physics test in the Spring. 


Health and Fitness


Cycling(All Grades) – Cycling taught on bicycles at IDEA and during the rainy season at the east side community center in the spin studio. 


Fencing (All Grades) – Learn fencing as a sport and swordsmanship. 


Kinesiology (All Grades) - Learn the fundamentals of how the body works from muscles to joints and practice stretching and general fitness.