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Industrial Design Engineering and Art

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Podcasting: Grit City Confidential (Mylet)
In the final semester of this class we will focus on publishing the episodes we have already recorded as well as researching and recording new stories including: the apprehension of the Five Mile Drive Killer, the hijacking and crashing of a Horizon airplane into nearby Ketron Island, the mass expulsion of the Chinese population from Tacoma and more stories from Tacoma's shadowy past. Anyone curious about the darker parts of Tacoma's history or anyone wanting to learn how to research and record a podcast should sign up!

Rube Goldberg Devices and Other Crazy Machines (Heinrich)
Ready to let your design imagination run wild? We will be building insanely complicated machines to do ridiculously simple tasks. You will have a clearly defined job for your machine to do, and then you'll work through the design process to have your machine do that job in the most fun way possible. All (safe) ideas will be considered!

Student Leadership Advisory Board (Anders)
Students in leadership will learn about community development and capitalizing on our collective strengths. We will create social and service opportunities for our entire school community. Topics will include event planning, community service, school-wide culture, effective and expressive communication, and connecting with future iDEA students at other schools. Leadership class is strongly recommended for all elected ASB officers, and encouraged for all other students who want to make a positive impact on our school.

Designing Stem Quests (Tiersch)
Design STEAM challenges for people of all ages. Have a topic in STEAM you wish others knew more about or you wish you could have learned when you were younger? Maybe a topic you think the general public needs to know? Together we will learn how people learn and how to plan epic interactive experiences to create opportunities for learning, in classrooms, computers or out in the community. This A&A is looking for future teachers, leaders, bridges, and mentors. 

It Might Get LOUD - Speaker Design (Rutter)
In this A&A, we will design, build, and refine speaker systems for our mentor group spaces. You will learn about how the size & shape of a speaker enclosure affects the sound in the room. We will also explore many types of speakers in order to design a speaker system that both looks and sounds great. The mentor group & teacher will be our "clients", and you will be asked to regularly facilitate the design & revision process within your mentor group. Space will be allotted in this A&A to insure that all mentor groups are represented. MENTORS - There will be a short discussion guide for you to use at our first mentor group to start the design process.

Let's Blow Up IDEA's Insta! (Everett)
Got FOMO?  Then you don't want to miss this course!  We will focus on becoming responsible digital citizens and help our school earn the nationally recognized Common Sense Certification in Digital Citizenship.  Additionally, we will develop the IDEA brand (What makes us unique?) and manage the social media accounts for our school.  If you want to be a part of sharing our IDEA community with others in Tacoma (and around the world!) than this is the A&A for you!

IDEA Garden and Other Awesome Projects! (Moffett)
We have some major projects to finish in the IDEA Garden this semester!  These include weatherizing the orb, installing siding on the tool shed, and preparing some hot boxes to grow plants through the winter.  Additionally, we will start working specifically on research and design for an educational model garden in Uganda working alongside various experts and partnering with the Rotary Club.  If you are interested in growing food, working in the garden, design of garden systems (such as water catchment and distribution) and structures then this is the class for you!

What are you doing after you graduate? (Bostrom)
If this question stresses you out then this is probably the A&A for you. In this A&A you will have time dedicated to researching all the available options for high school graduates, including (but not limited to) colleges, programs, scholarships, FAFSA, and other ways to further your education (maybe even some SAT/ACT prep if you’re lucky)! Along with internet based research we will also be reaching out to college admissions offices, scholarship programs, and other professionals who can help you plan out what you will do after you graduate high school. This A&A is for juniors who are already looking ahead to senior year and beyond. We will compile the information we find so it can be shared with mentor groups and individuals as the need to look to the future arises. 

It's Getting Hot In Here (Devine)
“Is it just me, or did it get really hot in this classroom?”  If you’ve ever had a similar thought, then this A&A is for you.  We will build and install sensors around the school to autonomously monitor numerous variables over long periods of time, such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and light levels.  Basic data stations will be built around Arduino microcontrollers and will store their data on SD cards, but advanced users can include Raspberry Pi microcomputers in their projects for more power (such time-lapse or motion-triggered photography).  New learners will learn the basics of Arduino, as well as some foundational electronics and data manipulation, but advanced users can expand make their device as complicated as they desire!  An ultimate goal would be to create camouflaged weather stations capable of recording a week’s worth of data on a single battery charge. 

Cyclocross (Bradford)
Cyclocross racing was developed in Europe in the early 1900’s as a way for road racers to remain fit during fall and winter. The intense event helped athletes maintain and improve their racing fitness and skills.  In this A&A we will be learning the history of cyclocross, and the techniques and skills needed to start racing. It is encouraged that you bring your own bike, but if you are interested we will work at supplying one for you. Be ready to get wet, cold, and exhausted this winter as we explore the sport of Cyclocross. (Be aware that we will be riding no matter what the weather and that you should bring an seasonally appropriate second change of clothes for Friday.)

Architecture and the Tiny House (Hansen)
In this class we will design effective small living spaces, complete the tiny house under construction outside, and begin a second tiny house.  We will also work to finish the garden shed, and develop any additional structures needed in the garden in collaboration with the garden A&A.  This class is also open to students with shop experience that have self directed projects they would like to complete during A&A.  If you know what you want to build, or have an idea that needs finishing, talk to me about whether or not this is the right A&A for you.

Hydroponics: Building a Living Wall (Anderson)
Species selection, seed germination, chemistry of fertilizer, or engineering of a water system. If any of these topics interest you, we need your support! Last year many students help build the skeleton of what we hope to turn into SOTA, SAMi, and iDEA's first living wall. Lettuce, collards, basil and more. Let's build a system to feed our student body! 

Let's Get PHYSICAL (Jaecklein)
Do you want to get in shape? Each week we will focus on a different aspect of fitness including strength training, stretching, anarobic and arobic excercie and nutrition. Be prepared to move for every class (you will need to bring appropriate attire for working out). We will also be visiting offsite locations such as a the YMCA, Wapato Park, a karate studio, ZUMBA classes, etc. 

Storytelling and StoryWriting (Warner)
Based on Joseph Campbell ‘s “The hero’s journey “ we will explore style, formats, and will compare / contrast Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, and several modern re purposed films like Batman, Predator, and Planet of the Apes.
A&A Classes began on October 5th, 2018 and run through December 21, 2018

A&A classes are semester-long classes. Some of the A&A classes extend into second semester and students may take the same class twice for the full year. Below are the list of A&A meeting dates: 

October 5
October 19
November 2
November 9
November 16
November 30
December 7
December 14
December 21

A&A is graded as a pass-fail, semester long class.