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Industrial Design Engineering and Art

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Amy Alwert

Have you ever wondered what it REALLY means to be vegan? Or why people make the decision to abstain from eating dairy, eggs and all animal products? Is it really too expensive to eat "healthy"? Does it really help the environment? What went into making the hamburger that I'm eating? Myths will be broken and new ideas will be explored as students glean the truths about veganism. We will read, watch, shop, cook, and design our way through what is a deeply misunderstood lifestyle choice, but one that is inevitable given our current environmental crisis. And don't worry--this adventure isn't about converting you to veganism, it's about education and empathy!


Kaitlin Gardner

Nailed it! Here in 2020 nail artists easily make six digit salaries and are changing the game with new nail trends being created daily. Turn your fingertips into works of art! You will learn the basics of nail painting, shaping, and a multitude of nail art techniques, such as: stamping, vinyls, decals, dotting, glitter, taping, plus much more! Returning nail artists will become a mentor to the newbies and share their expertise! We will be working to understand nail art from a historical, cultural, and chemical perspective: polymer or acrylic? Matte or gloss? Coffin or stiletto? Find your artistic style in #NailsOnFleek.

Make IDEA's Space Better

Han-Yin Hsu

If you liked the transformation of the student lounge/café you saw this semester, well, that’s just the beginning of making our school environment more delightful through design! During the mini-term, our space design team designed and built the lounge and café from scratch. This A&A, we’ll continue to improve the school space using step-by-step design processes, woodworking tools, 2D & 3D design software, digital fabrication, and mixed media to create more enjoyable spaces for our school life. Now, it’s your chance to be part of the change! If you’re someone who dares to imagine and execute your ideas with a craftsmanship spirit, this A&A is for you!

Yearbook: The Year in Book Form

David Mylet

Come join Mr. Mylet on a cooperative publishing odyssey. We’ll be creating IDEA’s yearbook, including our first senior class. If you’re into photography, digital design, writing or just working with a team, sign up and help us make IDEA’s best yearbook yet. This A&A will be fun, but you need to recognize that we will have very real deadlines.

Sew and Sow

Melissa Moffett

Ok, so we are not really sewing per se.  This class will start as a knitting and crocheting class.  We’ll start some seeds indoors and think about what improvements we want to make to the IDEA Garden - such as a greenhouse, a self-watering system, improving upon the orb, etc.  In the spring, as the weather improves, our class will move outside.  Some of you may continue knitting and crocheting and others will work primarily in the garden.  This is a chance for us to turn off our technology, relax, and gain some new skills.

Miniature Painting Class

Doss Bradford

Miniatures are scale models that are used in popular tabletop and board games. These figures are made of metal or plastic and are often sold as unpainted figures that are then personalized and decorated.

Over time, painting miniatures has become as popular as actually playing the games.  Some painters can spend over 6 hours painting and finishing a 3 inch figure!

In this class you will learn basic painting techniques and become proficient with basic brush work, color theory, layering, shading, highlighting, and more.

If you are interested in exploring miniature model painting and have the patience and passion required, this class is for you!

Coffee Shop A&A

Ben Warner

We will be working with students as they start a coffee shop in IDEA. We will be partnering with Bluebeard coffee, Dillanos, Metro Coffee, and several other local shops and roasters. By designing a program that can teach students to be able to walk into any coffee shop and know how to be a competent barista. This A&A will begin with coffee cupping (tasting) to fully understand the different elements in the taste and aromas of different coffee. We will learn how to run an espresso machine, balance a budget, clean equipment, order necessary items to maintain the stand (milk, almond milk, coffee beans, etc) and perhaps design new coffee recipes. Additionally, we will be going on field trips often with this A&A.

Culture, Content, and Conflict - Social Media and Influencer Culture

Kelilah Johnson and Linnea Bostrom

Are influencers a force of change or a false representation of life and society? With sponsored ads, consumerism, algorithms, filters, and “insta vs. reality”, influencer culture can both inspire and convince you of a certain reality. In this A&A, we will develop our Digital Citizenship by breaking down influencer culture and create/share our own content. Each week, you will research, plan, do more research, create, and post. This A&A will require that you complete work, collaborate, and communicate OUTSIDE OF A&A meetings. Join us if you want to express your creativity and become a positive force of change in our community!

Propel STEM Experience

Mari Thiersch and Jaleesa Trapp

Microsoft's research states that "72% of the girls polled said it was important for them to have jobs that directly helped the world, but only 37% thought of STEM careers as being creative or making the world better." 

To tackle the worlds biggest problems, we need all stakeholders at the table. When representation in STEM is unbalanced, we lose out on key perspectives to help us better understand and create positive change in the world. During this A&A, help create a semester long club for 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls to show them how STEM students can change the world. Together, we will create STEM design challenges, learn how to support and mentor others and connect social and environmental issues to STEM. We need a diverse group of students to help run this camp to show representation in STEM.

Fencing and Fencing Equipment

Kevin Heinrich

En garde, pret, allet! We’ll do some swordfighting (of course) but we’ll also design, build, and test our own scoring equipment. Along the way, we’ll learn how swords and sport fencing equipment have changed over time. How does electronic scoring work? How did they keep score before electronics?

Bees, Bats and Butterflies

Lauren Anderson

Map habitats throughout Tacoma while tracking population changes through the spring. Take the opportunity to purchase and breed pollinators then release them in all areas of Tacoma. This course will be based outdoors and will require an open mind in working with stinging insects. Bee brave!

Tunnel of Light: An LED Sculpture

Johnny Devine

As a team we will build and program a tunnel of LED lights that can be used for school events such as prom.  The tunnel will be about 7 feet high and 10 feet long.  Prior experience with programming in any C-based language will allow you to get the most out of this AA, but students with skill in electronics, design, and construction are needed.  The tunnel will by made of 8-10 PVC pipe hoops supported by a plywood base.  The hoops will be covered with addressable LED strips and controlled by a computer.  The color and patterns displayed will be created by student-written programs in Processing.  Borrowing from industry level standards, the project will use agile development practices such as scrum and Gant charts to manage the work.  Watch this video for an example similar to our goal:

Big IDEA Magazine

Jennifer Boutell

Help publish a (somewhat) monthly web magazine showcasing all of the exciting things happening at IDEA! We’ll have the opportunity to share photography, write articles and creative pieces, interview friends, design a website, learn about web publishing, and have fun. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new project. Leadership roles are available!

Designing a Better IDEA

Peter Rutter

Our mission is to design custom solutions to make IDEA awesome! This week student project groups will start to form, and I want to gather as many potential design challenges as I can.


If you already have a project idea for student to design & make for you, please let me know. Additionally, please email me your answers to the questions below. Please respond before 12pm on Friday to have your project available as an option to my students.


- What would make the space(s) you work in more functional/beautiful/creative/inspiring?

- What signage would improve how others use your space?

- Are there organizational systems (physical or digital) that would help make things run more efficiently?

- Are there any problems in general that seem to arise in your space, but not in others?

A&A Classes began on February 14, 2020 and continue until May 15, 2020 

A&A classes are semester-long classes. The A&A dates are below: 

February 21
February 28
March 6
March 20
March 27
April 17
May 1
May 8
May 15

A&A is graded as a pass-fail, semester long class, worth .25 credit.