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Industrial Design Engineering and Art

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Students Take Action

Clarissa Honeck and Linda Sefarian

Come explore your local Tacoma community, uncovering the injustices and inequities that exist and discovering ways that WE can make a difference! As a group, we will research our city and choose the people and places that we wish to support. Possible activities include: community service outings, holding fundraisers or drives, hosting guest speakers, and creating 'posters for change'. Our only requirement is that you bring your enthusiasm and desire to make a change in the 253!

Video Streaming and Production

Doss Bradford

Have you ever dreamed of filming a live event and streaming it live to the internet? This is your chance to be part of the team that will be doing that.  The goal of this A&A is to create a mobile streaming studio which will be able to travel to various events around town and stream live performances. In addition, you will learn the basics of camera work, audio production, internet video streaming and much more!

If you are a responsible individual who is interested in learning how to be part of a production crew, willing to work hard, and has an interest in the fastest growing entertainment medium, you may have found your next A&A.

This is NOT your parents AV club.

Big IDEA Magazine

Jennifer Boutell

Help publish a (somewhat) monthly web magazine showcasing all of the exciting things happening at IDEA! We’ll have the opportunity to share photography, write articles and creative pieces, interview friends, design a website, learn about web publishing, and have fun. This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new project. Leadership roles are available!

Metal Sculptures

Johnny Devine

Learn metal working skills while creating sculptural art.  Students will learn to cut, form, and weld steel into unique creations that express emotion in three-dimensional space.  Some materials are provided, but be prepared to bring in scrap from home (such as old gardening tools), or purchase interesting junk from salvage yards like Earthwise Architectural Salvage.  All ability levels are welcome, from the total novice, to the seasoned expert.  Expect to have at least one of your items included in the annual IDEA Showcase. 

IDEA is Volunteer-ific!

Kelilah Johnson

Are you interested in getting more involved at our school? Do you enjoy opportunities to get out into our community? Would you like to work on your Varsity Letter in community service this year? In this A&A, you will have opportunities to develop your public speaking skills, leadership, and service experience while also helping prepare for events in our iDEA community—info nights, admissions work, first looks, and design showcase just to name a few... Let’s put the U and I in community and serve others together!

Youth and Government

Ashley Miraflor

Welcome to Youth and Government! Are you passionate about designing a better world? Do you envision ways to improve society? Consider joining Youth and Government, where we bridge the possible solutions to real change in our state and country. In this group, we will combine the pillars of iDEA with the ability to make change through advocacy. We will define community, learn about state and national laws, apply our learning by writing our own legislation, and practice debate skills. First semester will focus on understanding bills, learning about community,  researching state laws, and debating. If you choose to stay on board in second semester, the culminating project is a trip to Olympia in the spring to be part of the 73rd YMCA Youth and Government event, where over 500 high school students from all around the state will join together and discuss real issues.

But Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein?

Amy Alwert

Have you ever wondered what it REALLY means to be vegan? Or why people make the decision to abstain from eating dairy, eggs and all animal products? Is it really too expensive to eat "healthy"? Does it really help the environment? What went into making the hamburger that I'm eating? Myths will be broken and new ideas will be explored as students glean the truths about veganism. We will read, watch, shop, cook, and design our way through what is a deeply misunderstood lifestyle choice. And don't worry--this adventure isn't about converting you to veganism, it's about education and empathy!

Coffee Design

Ben Warner and Han-Yin Hsu

Mr. Ben and Ms. Hsu will be continuing coffee education with the intention of preparing students to understand the basic functions of a coffee shop. We will also go over resume building for post high school or college employment. Ms. Hsu will bring in a fresh design element that will be applied the portable coffee shop, Menu, signature drinks, marketing materials, etc. This A&A will train students to be competent with an espresso machine, coffee roasting, coffee grinding, coffee art, coffee sampling/tasting (cupping).

21st Century Micropublishing

Dave Mylet

21st Century Micropublishing: Have you seen the internet lately?! Nothing but original content as far as the mouse can scroll. Learn how to make some of that content in this multimedia A&A. By the end of the semester each student will have had the chance to work on: 1) Podcasting, 2) Designing a page for the yearbook and 3) Developing a media project of their own ('zine, web comic, music video, etc.). Bring your skills, creativity and an open mind. 

Design for the Birds and the Bees

Melissa Moffett

This class is geared toward creating unique structures for birds, bees, and chickens!  Over the course of this year students will research a particular architect or engineer,design structures based on that person’s style of work, and build birdhouses, beehives, and chicken coops in that style.  We will start with group projects and will move toward independent work by the end of the year culminating with a garden party!  As time and need allow, we will also maintain the IDEA Garden and add to existing structures.

Fencing and Fencing Equipment

Kevin Heinrich

En garde, pret, allet! We’ll do some swordfighting (of course) but we’ll also design, build, and test our own scoring equipment. Along the way, we’ll learn how swords and sport fencing equipment have changed over time. How does electronic scoring work? How did they keep score before electronics?

Propel STEM Experience

Jaleesa Trapp and Mari Thiersch

Microsoft's research states that "72% of the girls polled said it was important for them to have jobs that directly helped the world, but only 37% thought of STEM careers as being creative or making the world better." 

To tackle the worlds biggest problems, we need all stakeholders at the table. When representation in STEM is unbalanced, we lose out on key perspectives to help us better understand and create positive change in the world. During this A&A, help create a semester long club for 7th and 8th grade girls to show them how STEM students can change the world. Together, we will create STEM design challenges, learn how to support and mentor others and connect social and environmental issues to STEM. We need a diverse group of students to help run this camp to show representation in STEM.

Designing a Better IDEA

Peter Rutter

In this A&A, we will dream up, design and build custom solutions to make IDEA better. Projects may include grow lighting for BioChem, speaker systems for both shop spaces, a professional product photography booth, an LED wall video arcade, and much more. If you have a design idea that would IDEA more awesome, this is the time & space to make it happen! You will learn soldering and electronic assembly basics, how to work on a design team, plus time & project management skills. If you are (or want to be) a member of Tech Club, this A&A will provide extra time for designing & building club projects.

Nails on Fleek

Kaitlin Gardiner

Nailed it! It’s 2019 and there has never been a better time for our nails. Social media changed the game—nail art addicts are worldwide pumping out new trends daily and top artists can make six digit salaries. Embrace the DIY, by turning fingertips into works of art. In this course you will learn the basics of nail painting, sculpting, stickers, stamping, ombre, crystal application, and the good ole fashioned glitter fade in mini-nail salons formed of people with a similar aesthetic. Polish up your reading and chemistry skills as we aim to understand nail art from a historical, cultural, and chemical perspective. Prepare to paint. Polymer or acrylic? Coffin or stiletto? Matte or gloss? Find your answers in #nailsonfleek

Honey Harvest to Hand Cream

Lauren Anderson

From Honey Harvest to Hand Cream and Habitats, Design the Bee253 Fall Product Line. Survey the public, create advertisements, and unviel our brand's online store just in time for the holidays. All will concoct beeswax soaps and lip balm to demonstrate safety norms. Then, design your custom product to debut.

From Pillar to Post

Linnea Bostrom

Meaning: Fig. from one place to a series of other places; (figuratively) from person to person.

Starting with our four pillars, community, empathy thinking and balance, members of this class will develop a variety of workshops that focus on issues students face from daily to yearly or lifelong bases. If you are interested in working with your peers and staff to strengthen your school this is the A&A for you. Whether you helped plan the breakouts last semester or you have ideas for the workshops we’ll create this year – there’s a place for you in this A&A. We’re looking for input from anyone who wants to contribute to our school culture. Come prepared to collaborate and find new ways that you can be a leader on campus and off.

A&A Classes began on September 13, 2019 and run up Friday, December 13, 2019. 

A&A classes are semester-long classes. The A&A dates are below: 

September 13
September 20
October 4
October 18
October 25
November 1
November 8
November 22
December 6
December 13

A&A is graded as a pass-fail, semester long class, worth .25 credit.