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Industrial Design Engineering and Art

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Coffee Shop (Warner)

We will be working together to start a coffee shop in IDEA. We will be partnering with Bluebeard coffee, Dillanos, Metro Coffee, and several other local shops and roasters. By designing a program that can teach students to be able to walk into any coffee shop and know how to be a competent barista. This A&A will begin with coffee cupping (tasting) to fully understand the different elements in the taste and aromas of different coffee. We will learn how to run an espresso machine, balance a budget, clean equipment, and perhaps design new coffee recipes. Additionally, we will be going on field trips often with this A&A.


Machining Certification Program (Devine)

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) offers certification in skills related to metal work.  This A&A will give you the time to study and learn the detailed technical information required to pass the written part of this certification.  Upon adequate demonstration of content knowledge, you will be able to use the machines to practice for the Performance Exam, which requires you to produce a specific part from a printed plan.  Based on time and the size of the class, you will be able to prepare for the following modules of the Machining Level 1: Measurement, Materials, and Safety; Job Planning, Benchwork, and Layout; Manual Milling Skills 1; Turning Operations; Grinding Skills 1; Drill Press Skills 1; CNC Milling Programming Setup and Operations. 


School Startup: IDEA Learning Commons (Thiersch)

Want to learn a skill that you can get paid to do in the future? Feel confident in math, science, French and/or the humanities? Want to be a better bridge? Ever thought about being a teacher? Good at organizing backpacks? Answer yes to any of these questions? Great! Join as a tutor in the IDEA Learning Commons. Tutoring as a side gig can be a great job, especially in college! Together will be setting up the framework for creating an entirely student-run tutoring center. After receiving basic training to be official ILC tutors, we will be hosting short sessions during A&A that all students can sign up for. We need responsible students to help create a space students can feel supported and successful. Before signing up for this A&A, please fill out an application @​

Feel like you could use tutoring? Keep on the lookout for how to sign up for sessions.


IDEATE: Learn to Be Heard (Bostrom)

Take initiative to have your voice heard and to make IDEA into a community we all want to be a part of. We will take on heavy and important topics that students identify and plan the Opt-In assemblies for the Spring semester, connecting them to our school pillars of Balance and Thinking.

We will work alongside Admin and teachers as we develop questions and activities focused on creating what students want IDEA to be. 

If you're ready to stop complaining and start doing - this is the A&A for you. 


Artify IDEA (Wilson)

Brainstorm ways to promote student voice and experience on campus by helping to enrich our building with student artwork. We will create a process for highlighting student work, events and celebrations around our building to brighten up the space the way that students want to see it. Our school is as good as we make it, come and be a part of creating what students want to experience at Idea. 


If You Build It… (Moffett and Hansen)


This course is specifically for students who want to design and build things in the shop and outside.  We expect each student to complete at least one project over the course of the semester. While we welcome individual projects, there are also a number of projects that we know need to be completed – both in and out of the garden.

Additionally, we are seeking students who can double as shop leaders and tool experts since we are typically supervising up to 25 projects at a time.

Shop space and time is a valuable commodity. Please only sign up for this class if you intend to build something.  Limit: 40 students

Projects include, but are not limited to:
• Completion of rain gardens for the permeable pavement project
• Finish orb and prep for planting
• Tiny house construction 
• Pedal-powered boat
• Design water systems for the orb and raised beds
• Build a water catchment system
• Complete the indoor vertical garden
• Design and build a greenhouse
• Design and build a variety of planter boxes to test for efficiency
• Plant seeds now to eventually have a plant start sale
• Start an official garden club in order to raise funds to expand the garden
• Practice methods to utilize in the Uganda garden project in 2020 and beyond
• Organize a system for composting lunch scraps


Student Leadership Advisory Board (Johnson)

Students in SLAB will learn about community development and capitalizing on our collective strengths. We will create social and service opportunities for our entire school community. Topics will include event planning, community service, school-wide culture, effective and expressive communication/public speaking, and connecting with future iDEA students at other schools. This semester will be a bit different from last semester as we will focus more on building leadership skills in addition to the work we do for school improvement. Leadership class is strongly recommended for all elected ASB officers, and encouraged for all other students who want to make a positive impact on our school.


Rube Goldberg Devices and Other Crazy Machines (Heinrich)

Ready to let your design imagination run wild? We will be building insanely complicated machines to do ridiculously simple tasks. You will have a clearly defined job for your machine to do, and then you'll work through the design process to have your machine do that job in the most fun way possible. All (safe) ideas will be considered!


IDEA Yearbook (Mylet)

IDEA Yearbook: Come and help Mr. Mylet design and publish the 2018-19 IDEA Yearbook. We need photographers, designers, writers and generally cooperative team members to make this happen. You'll get to work as a team to construct a creative narrative of our year together at IDEA featuring portraits, activities, projects and student profiles. Bring your talents to the table!

Busy Bees! (Anderson)

Spring is a buzz, and our hives are starting to multiply. Learn how to manage queens, split a colony, and educate the community on our relationship with pollinators. This class requires a willingness to work with your hands, the ability to bee calm, and no allergies to our girls. 

Commercial beekeeping is a $100,000 career. Let's make some money, Honey!


Let's Get PHYSICAL (Jaecklein)

Do you want to get in shape? Each week we will focus on a different aspect of fitness including strength training, stretching, anaerobic and aerobic exercise and nutrition. Be prepared to move for every class (you will need to bring appropriate attire for working out). We will also be visiting offsite locations such as a the YMCA, Wapato Park, a karate studio, ZUMBA classes, etc. 


Major Taylor Cyclocross (Bradford)

Cyclocross racing was developed in Europe in the early 1900’s as a way for road racers to remain fit during fall and winter. The intense event helped athletes maintain and improve their racing fitness and skills.  In this A&A we will be learning the history of cyclocross, and the techniques and skills needed to start racing. We will be riding with a ride leader from Major Taylor, a bike program run by Cascade Bicycle Club. We will also be training to ride the Seattle to Portland this summer for those that want to compete! 


It Might Get LOUD! (Rutter)

In this A&A, we will design, build, and refine speaker systems for our mentor group spaces. You will learn about how the size & shape of a speaker enclosure affects the sound in the room. We will also explore many types of speakers in order to design a speaker system that both looks and sounds great. The mentor group & teacher will be our "clients", and you will be asked to regularly facilitate the design & revision process within your mentor group. Space will be allotted in this A&A to ensure that all mentor groups are represented. MENTORS - There will be a short discussion guide for you to use at our first mentor group to start the design process.

A&A Classes began on February 22, 2019 and run up until the Design Showcase on Thursday, May 23, 2019. 

A&A classes are semester-long classes. Some of the A&A classes are continued from last semester and students can request to stay in their same A&A class from fall semester. 

February 22
March 1
March 8
March 22
March 29
April 19
May 10
May 17

A&A is graded as a pass-fail, semester long class.