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Grant Center for the Expressive Arts

Walk to Enrichment

What is enrichment?
This is an exciting and special learning opportunity unique to Grant. Through various classes offered by teachers and volunteers, our students have a designated time for learning through approaches different than the usual classroom setting. Teaching strategies target problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. It challenges students to relate knowledge and skills learned within our curriculum to new areas and contexts. We know that children learn in different ways and enrichment offers creative opportunities
for student success. This is often project based, but not exclusively. Some examples of previously offered classes include: Photoshop, Drama Games, Portrait Drawing, Tap Dance, Creative Writing, Asian Art, Weaving, Set Design, Spanish & Unicycling just to name a few.

Who gets to participate?
All students get to participate in these special classes.

Who teaches enrichment classes?
Grant staff, parents and community volunteers have all been
involved in teaching enrichment.

When is enrichment?
Classes meet once a week during the schoolday within three session blocks.

Why is it called “walk” to enrichment?
Often times students travel to another classroom for enrichment, hence the title.

How are classes structured?
The structure of enrichment is changing this year to a model we’re calling “Enrichment Evolution.” During the fall session, enrichments will be grade specific. For the winter session, classes will open up to a range of grades. This step in the “evolution” maintains a break between primary and intermediate grades; therefore ranges will be limited to Preschool-2nd, and 3rd-5th. The final evolution step happens in our spring session when grade ranges open further. In this session you could see Preschool-5th and anything in between.

How are enrichment classes assigned?
Class assignments are generally determined through a registration process. Enrichment registration occurs the week prior to each session. (For Winter session it will occur before winter break.) During this process, students are given the opportunity to rank their top 3 choices from those offered. Classes are designed for a specific grade range, and vary in size limits according to content and support. Registration forms are sent home with students Preschool – 2nd grade to complete with their family. Students in 3rd – 5th grade complete the registration at school. Every effort is made to place students in a class of their choosing. When this isn’t possible, they are given priority for the following session. ** Our Enrichment Evolution structure creates an exception to this rule in the fall session when some students will stay with their class & teacher. **

How can I support enrichment?
Extra hands are especially appreciated during these brief classes. If you are available to volunteer; all session or even just one day, please contact me.
Emily Seaholm:

You must have a current volunteer form completed in the office. If you have an enrichment class idea, or a talent that you would consider co-teaching with our staff please let me know. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns
regarding enrichment.