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Grant Center for the Expressive Arts

Grant Glossary

Grant CEA
Glossary 2014-15
Grant CEA has some unique vocabulary.
Hopefully this will help.
AR: Accelerated Reader.  A program which allows students to take a comprehension test after reading a book.
Arts Trust: An account created to fund expenses related to Grant’s arts-based curriculum. The PTA’s “For the Love of Art” Auction is the sole fundraiser for the trust. The PTA holds the majority of the funds in its accounts for interest bearing advantages and eased accessibility and is channeled to the trust as expenses dictate need.  Expenditures from the trust are authorized by SCDM.
Basement: Located below the loft, down the ramp from the main office entrance.  Indoor recess, KE and the YMCA before and after school program use this space.  Boys and Girls restrooms are located here. It’s also where you’ll find our awesome storage area for costumes, set & props that we call “the cage” …and restrooms.
Bellarmine: aka. Bellarmine Prepartory School. A private high school in Tacoma that allows high school students to tutor our students at Grant – with guidance from the classroom teachers, of course.
The Cage:  The fenced and locked area in the back corner of the basement.  Costumes, props, set and various arts and fused glass supplies are stored here.  There is also a designated area for PTA supplies. 
KE:  Kinesthetic Education.  This is the current vocabulary for what you might remember as PE or gym class.
Black Belts: A recorder playing group of 4th & 5th graders that have achieved the black belt level of skill.  They earn different color strings or “belts” to tie on their instrument as they advance in ability, similar to martial arts.
Cafegymatorium:  Our multipurpose room can be a gym, cafeteria (Grant Café), auditorium, or all three at once.
Grant CEA:  Grant Center for the Expressive Arts.
“The Grant Way”: Students “caught” Being Safe, Respectful, Responsible, or Kind; the pillars of Grants positive behavior focus.  Slips can be turned in for “High Five” coins which can be exchanged for small prizes in the office. Formerly known as “Best of the Best.”
Central or CAB:  Refers to the Tacoma School District Central Administration Building located at 601 S. 8th.  It faces Tacoma Ave. with parking in the rear.
Coffee, Chocolate & Passion Tea: A few office staff favorite treats, just in case you’re looking for a way to say “thank you,” (or brown nose.)

CCSS:  Common Core State Standards. State education chiefs and governors in 48 states came together to develop the Common Core, a set of clear college- and career-ready standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts/literacy and mathematics. Today, 43 states have voluntarily adopted and are working to implement the standards, which are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to take credit bearing introductory courses in two- or four-year college programs or enter the workforce. (taken directly from:, c. 2014)

CCSS Interim Math Assessment: aka: TC (Think Central) CCSS Math Assessment. Math assessment to provide a baseline/tracking assessment to monitor student progress over time to meet CCSS in Math.
Company:  Grant’s own premier dance group comprised of 4th & 5th graders. Auditions for this group are held in the spring of the previous school year.  Under the direction of our dance teacher Krissa Englebright, they perform at various Grant events and travel for community appearances as well.
DRA2:  Developmental Reading Assessment, 2nd Edition. A reading assessment that determines each student’s independent (or instructional) level with an evaluation of three components of reading: reading engagement, oral reading fluency, and comprehension. This program also has a Progressing Monitoring component which allows teachers to follow students’ growth.
ELA:  English Language Arts. Comprised of four Claims: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Research
Enrichments:  Unique classes offered to all students during the school day to enhance learning and infuse the arts.  There are three sessions during the year that are 5-8 weeks in length and classes are 45 minutes.  Classes are taught by teachers and other school staff as well as parent volunteers.  Students are allowed to register for their top three choices of offered classes for their grade level. Word to the wise regarding sign-up; registration has a tight turn-around so complete & return forms promptly and be sure to make 2nd and 3rd choices.
5th Grade Camp:  A 5th grade uber cool experience.  Students, teachers and chaperones spend 2 nights and 3 days at Camp Seymour on the Key Peninsula immersed in science, nature and fun. There are fundraisers throughout the year to help with the cost to students for attending.
 “For the Love of Art” Auction:  The spectacular event of the year that raises money to fund our arts-based curriculum.  Silent and Live auctions offer classroom art projects and packages as well as one-of-a-kind experiences and getaways. This event is usually in early May and is an ‘adults only’ evening. This event is what funds the entire following year of Art for Grant!
Free: The price you’ll often see for Grant events.
Gate:  Gifted And Talented Education.  A second full-time, off campus, highly capable program housed at Downing.  Students are identified by means different than JAWS & SAIL for this multi-age class.
HAC:  Home Access Center is a Tacoma School District online system that allows you to view grades, attendance, and test scores. Parents can also update contact and emergency information.  In order for parents and students to self-register for a Home Access Center account, the school must have a current email and home address on file in the district’s student information system. If you have questions about self-registration, please contact your school.
Handprint/Mosaic Wall:  Located between the kindergarten annex and primary wing.  The handprints are periodically updated at a family PTA event.
Holiday Gift Making Workshop:  An event created and nurtured by our
PTA to one-up the dime store “holiday shop” of our youth.  A wildly popular evening spent making hand crafted gifts at stations throughout the school.  It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s November 22nd.  Don’t miss it.
Hot Lunch Account:  Every student has an account that works much like a debit account to pay for lunch.  They pick up their card from the rack, and the cashier swipes it as they pass through.  Deposits into the account can be made a couple ways; via the web, or pay with cash or check (to Tacoma Schools) to our lovely cafeteria staff.  There is a link on our school website under the “families page” tab to Lunch Money Now, but BEWARE, you will be charged an additional processing fee for this online service.
:  Our fabulous day and night custodians… both to retire by the end of this year. :o(
Inclusion: Grant and Tacoma School District support the philosophy that all students will be included in all activities to the fullest extent possible.  While the term is specifically applied to Special Education, the philosophy is applied to all students and activities at Grant. An application of this is the inclusion of Arts Enrichment in the school day to insure access for all Grant students thus removing barriers such as cost and transportation.   
Intermediate Wing: The stretch of building from the main office running south along Prospect to S9th.  The library, LRC and 3rd-5th grade classes are found here.
JAWS: Joining Ability With Subject matter. A division of the highly capable program in the Tacoma School District for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. Eligibility is determined via testing in 2nd grade. Students are transported to the class site one day a week where they receive enriched education instruction. 
Kinder Holiday Concert:  A kindergarten (and Miss Sailer’s K-1) music program just before winter break with a special visitor… Ho Ho Ho.
Kindergarten Annex:  The brick building on the far NW corner of campus next to the garden & small playground.  Miss Sailer’s K-1 and Mrs. Cruz’s 2nd grade call it home.
LAP:  Learning Assistance Program.  A general education program to support students who need a little extra help with Reading.
Loft:  Our upstairs.  Stairs lead from the main office entrance on Prospect up to the music & art rooms, dance studio, Nest, and art display area.
LRC:  Learning Resource Center. A Special Education program to support students who need help in Math and Reading.
Lunch Dates:  YES, you can! Have lunch with your child that is.  Just stop in the office and pick up a visitor pass, then meet your child in the Grant Café.  If you want a hot school lunch, just have your child inform their teacher, so the kitchen staff can have an adult meal ready. Adult meals cost $4.00 and .55 more for milk.
Nest:  A resource room in the Loft that supports students on the Autism Spectrum.
OSPI:  Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Conferences:  One-on-one discussions between teachers, parents and students where student progress and goals are addressed together.
Peer Inclusion Preschool:  aka… Language Pre-School… Pre-School… There is a morning and an afternoon session for 3 & 4 year olds to gain school-ready skills.
The Portable:  There are two (even though it looks like one) mobile home style buildings next to the kindergarten annex.  One is home to Mrs. Read’s 3rd grade class (ramp side), and the other is home to Ms. Bye’s 2nd grade class (steps side).
PBIS:  Positive Behavior Intervention System.
Primary Wing: This is the stretch of building running along N11th from the Grant Café, down the ramp to the kindergarten annex.  Generally, it houses Pre-K-2nd grade classrooms.
PTA:  Parent Teacher Association… of which you can be a member!
SALT: Student Assistance Leadership Team -  A meeting where teachers can gain advise from specialists and colleagues on strategies for assisting individual students with academic or behavioral concerns.
SBAC:  Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium. …replaces the MSP, which replaced the WASL. This is the comprehensive state-wide assessment providing data and information used to monitor the effectiveness of the schools and programs. There is a Math assessment and an ELA assessment.
SIP: School Improvement Plan. Every Tacoma school has one, and our SCDM oversees ours. 
SAIL: Self-contained Advanced Individual Learning.  Another highly capable program offering.  Students testing in the top 1% are eligible to attend this full time, off site classroom for 4th and 5th grade.
SAMI: Science And Math Institute.  A Tacoma public high school that allows high school students to tutor our students at Grant – with guidance from the classroom teachers, of course.
SCDM: Site Centered Decision Making. (Sometimes you may hear “school” rather than “site.”  This 13-person committee is comprised of our principal, teachers, staff and parent representatives. It is a joint planning and problem solving process that aims to shift decision making from a centralized process to a shared process.  They meet twice a month to discuss matters affecting our school as a whole.
Specialists (& rotations):  A category name for your art, drama, dance, KE, Strings (violin) teachers and the library.  Classes rotate every trimester within the art, drama, & dance specialists.  In this manner, Grant students spend 1 day a week, 1/3 of the year in each rotation.  KE is year round, 2x a week. Strings is for 4th grade only during their music time, ½ the class at a time. (Music is year round, and not classified as a specialist.)
SOTA:  School Of The Arts.  A Tacoma public high school that allows high school students to tutor our students at Grant – with guidance from the classroom teachers, of course.
SRT:  Student Resource Team. A team comprised of school and District personnel to evaluate the needs of students who may be evaluated for Special Education.
STAR:  Standardized Testing And Reporting. Teachers (and now the District) use this program to monitor student growth in reading.
The Statues:  Refers to the 4 metal statues on the southwest corner of our campus at the intersection of N10th & Prospect.  This is often used as a meeting place for families.
Student ID Number:  This is a unique 7-digit number assigned by the district to each student.  You can obtain this number from our school secretary.  This number is used for student specific access to various district systems.
Terrific Kid Assembly:  A school-wide assembly where the Kiwanis Club awards Terrific Kid honors to students that are chosen by their teachers. A notification letter is sent to parents so you won’t miss their big moment.  Various other classroom awards are also presented.
Troubadours: A performing musical group directed by our music teacher, Carolyn Proehl. Appearing at assemblies, concerts & school events throughout the year.
UPS:  United Parcel Service; or in our case, University of Puget Sound. A private university in Tacoma. Students interested in the field Education come as volunteers or student teachers to learn from the best!
Violin Exploratory Concert:  A culminating performance by 4th grade students at the end of their strings rotation. 
Volunteer:  That’s YOU.  Our kids want and need you to be involved.
Waiver Day: A training day for staff.  No school for students.
W2R:  Walk to Read. Students in First Grade are assessed and placed in a reading group that is at their instructional reading level. Some students leave their classroom to walk to another teacher’s room for reading instruction.