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Grant Center for the Expressive Arts

Black Belts

Black Belt Recorder Ensemble

As students learn to play the recorder, they can test and receive what is called a black belt.  If they then wish to play in a select group of musicians, they come to rehearsal once a week, on Wednesday before school (8:15-8:45).  They must have their music memorized for concert and perform it almost perfectly to be able to perform in this group. We will be working with the advanced 4th graders on Fridays in September to catch them up with the 5th graders.  In October the 4th graders will join the 5th grade Black Belts.  The 4th grade Black Belts will meet all year long, and 5th graders will stop meeting after the Dr. King assembly.  As band and orchestra begin, we may need to find an additional time so the 5th graders can continue.

Confirmed performances are as follows:
Black Belts will perform for the fall festival on October 12th All Black Belts will perform on November 21st for the winter concert
Black Belts will perform at the Veteran's Day assembly on November 7th at 2:30 p.m.
All Black Belts will also perform for the Dr. King assembly on January 16th (Thursday) at 2:30 p.m.
4th grade Black Belts will perform on March 27th in between the 1st graders performance of "Baby Beluga" and the 4th graders and senior troubadours.