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Giaudrone IB World School

Uniform Policy

Giaudrone Middle School Uniform/Dress Code for 2016-2017


The purpose of the uniform / school dress code is to:

  • Support the learning environment

  • Provide a means of identification and belonging to Giaudrone Middle School

  • Provide for a neat and orderly appearance appropriate for school

  • Reduce competition in dress


Clothing Item



Giaudrone Logo tops only.



*No bare midriffs

*No cinching shirts

*No handwriting or drawing on clothing

*No hoods may be worn in the building

Visible undershirts

Solid & plain




May be worn under Giaudrone top only (see above)

Pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, capris


Blue, black, gray or tan

Shorts and skirts must be longer than fingertip length with arm held flat to sides.

Jeans must have pockets

No rips, tears, holes, or cuts

No sagging or overly baggy pants

No leggings

No pajama bottoms or sweats

No tight short skirts

No acid wash

No Gym/Athletic Shorts



Athletic or dress – all shoes must have heel straps or backs

No flip flops, sports sandals, or slippers/moccasins/“house shoes”

Head gear/



No hats

No bandanas (cloth that is tied), and scarves are not to be worn in the building

No visible ear buds or headphones

No backpacks, purses, cinch bags or tote bags in class

This includes hanging from belt loops or carry8ing the item

Headbands are okay



Coats and jackets must be stored in lockers (includes zippers)

Coats may be worn during lunch time

Free Dress Guidelines


Must adhere to the rules regarding shoes and hats/bandanas

Tops must have sleeves

(jackets and outerwear are okay)

No rips, tears, holes, or cuts

No leggings

No pajamas

All clothing and accessories contain only positive and school appropriate messages.


Note: Administration reserves the right to restrict any clothing items or accessories that it deems disruptive.


Students out of dress code will receive a situation report and a lunch detention and may get progressive.