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Giaudrone IB World School


In addition to 2 full time counselors Giaudrone offers the Edge program and mental health services.



Our mission is to help all students with Executive Functioning challenges ( ADD / ADHD ), to reach their full potential. Edge coaching focuses on building life skills that impact academic performance, including planning and setting goals; building organizational strategies; increasing time management and prioritization skills; maintaining focus and concentration; creating structure and fostering support and encouragement; identifying and working with one's own learning style; increasing self advocacy and self esteem; improving interpersonal skills and relationships; maintaining healthy lifestyle. Over time and with practice, the student internalizes these skills.


For more information please contact the Edge counselor



Comprehensive Life Resources (CLR) provides therapists sited at the school who work with Medicaid eligible and unfunded students in individual counseling, working on skills training and development, along with addressing such issues as grief, loss, or trauma.  CLR works closely with school staff, please discuss your concerns with your student's appointed counselor, and they will make the appropriate referral.


For more information please talk to the school counselors