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Giaudrone IB World School


 “Illness or injuries at School”   (Per the Parent and Student Resource Handbook​ in the Health and Wellness section) 

If your student is injured or is too sick to remain at school, he/she will be sent home only after the school contacts you or the emergency contact person you list on the enrollment form. If no one is available, your student will be kept at school. If there is an emergency, school staff members will act on the parent’s behalf and get help. Use of canes, crutches, walker aids, and/or wheelchairs at school must have written authorization from a health care provider. Please keep the school nurse informed of any changes in your student’s health condition.

  • Students using crutches may only do so with written doctor’s orders.
  • Students must see the nurse upon re-entry after injury.
Medications: The school district policy is that all medications are kept in the nurse’s office unless the prescribing Health Care Provider specifically states that they are to carry it with them. (ie, for some inhalers)

Orders forMedications at school


Orders for Epinephrine (Epi-Pen) and
Treatment Plan for Anaphlyaxis


Orders and Treatment Plan for Asthma


MS Athletics checklist and schedules


Required immunizations for school for 2014-2015 (English​ and Spanish)