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Giaudrone IB World School


Attendance Policies and Procedures

Laws of the State of Washington mandate that parents and guardians have the responsibility of ensuring their child attends school. Missing school for any reason negatively impacts learning, achievement and grades. The attendance procedures at Giaudrone Middle School are designed to assist parents and guardians in carrying out this responsibility.

To excuse your student, the parent or guardian on record can contact the attendance office 24hrs a day, 7 days a week by phone (253-571-5829), by emailing our Attendance Secretary at GiaudroneAttendance@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US using your verifiable email on record, or send a legible note with the student.

Notes should include:

·         Students full name

·         Date of absence or tardy

·         Reason for absence or tardy

·         Parents name (printed and signature) and phone number

·         Note from medical professional (if required)


Please make all your arrangements before or after school to avoid interrupting the learning of students. Every minute in class counts.

Calling students out of class or calling into class unless it is an emergency is frowned upon.


Washington State BECCA Bill

Pursuant to RCW Chapter A.225 the parent or guardian is responsible for their student’s attendance, and for contacting the school to make sure all absences are excused.

In accordance with the state mandatory attendance laws:

·         Once a student has 2 unexcused absences the BECCA process will begin.

·         After 4 unexcused absences a conference with school administration, student’s guidance counselor, attendance specialist, parent and student will be required. We will work together to remove any barriers to attendance.

·         If a student has 7 or more unexcused absences in a month, or 10 in a year the school must file a petition with the juvenile court seeking the court’s jurisdiction over the student’s attendance in school.

Any parent found to have violated the law may be fined up to $25 per day of unexcused absence and the student will be ordered to attend school. The court may also order the parent/guardian to attend parenting classes, counseling or do community service.

A student who fails to comply with a court order to attend school may be found in contempt of court and may be placed in juvenile detention or receive alternate sentencing from the court.



An absence can only be excused by a guardian. The following reason constitute an excused absence or tardy:

·         Personal illness (More than 5 days requires a doctor note)

·         Medical or Dental Appointments

·         Appearances in court when required by law

·         Disciplinary actions including Short/Long term suspensions, and expulsions

·         Religious observance

·         Family emergency approved by principal (i.e. funeral, death, hospitalization)

·         School activities

·         Pre-approved family activities approved by principal.

In All cases, the school principal determines whether and absence is excused or unexcused.


The attendance office has the Excused Absence Form which must be signed by the parent, student, and teachers, and returned to attendance prior to leaving. These are required for absences of more than 5 days. IF A STUDENT IS GONE OVER 20 DAYS THEY WILL BE DROPPED AND REQUIRED TO REENROLL ON RETURN.


Oversleeping, missing the bus or having bus privileges revoked, babysitting, finishing homework, or having excessive transportation issues will NOT be considered an excused absence.

Students who have a pattern/history of absences or tardiness for personal illness may be required to have a note from a medical professional to excuse further absences or tardiness due to illness.


·         If a student must leave school during the day for any reason a dismissal slip must be obtained from the attendance office.

·         If the student is checked out of the nurse’s office the parent will sign the dismissal slip in the health room. A student will only be allowed to walk home with special permission.

Anyone picking up a student will be required to show I.D. to verify they are on the student’s approved contact list.


The Tacoma School District operates on the “closed campus” concept for student safety. Once a student arrives at school he/she is not permitted to leave the school grounds until the end of the school day without written permission from the office.​


School Closures

Emergency school closures due to bad weather or unsafe road conditions are announced on most local television and radio stations. The call numbers for local radio are: KOMO (AM 1000) KIRO (AM 710) KMPS (FM 94.1) KLAY (FM 1480.) You may also call 253-571-1000 beginning at 6:00AM for information. Sign up to receive email updates about school closures at