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Tacoma Public Schools Partnership office works to galvanize the power of community to assist young people in creating the future they choose, plan, and prepare for. We bring people together to become the voices that young people listen to and believe that say: you can achieve, you will graduate, and we are here to help you.

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The family of Don and Donna Christian

GOLD STAR PARTNER: The family of Donald and Donna J. Christian

For over 50 years, Donald “Doc” and Donna J. Christian resided on Tacoma Public School's Lincoln Tree Farm property and served as valued caretakers of the over 300 acres of land. They were passionate supporters of outdoor learning experiences and served countless Tacoma students and community organizations over the years. Doc’s passing in 2020 and Donna's passing in January 2022, inspired an opportunity for reflective celebration with a gracious appreciation for their commitment to not only the Lincoln Tree Farm but their passion and commitment to students and learning. With each recollection of Doc and Donna’s presence, their evident commitment to service was highlighted through student interactions, teaching, and maintenance with a pride that was continually focused and aligned to doing what was best for kids and the community.

Kristal Brazzle, Rock Paper Scissors

GOLD STAR PARTNER: Kristal Klear, Rock Paper Scissors Foundation 

Kristal Brazzle is a published author, trauma coach, and expert in handling cases of human trafficking, trauma care, sexual abuse, child abuse, and mental health issue. Kristal has taken a solid stance on confronting this plague of Sexual abuse and Human Trafficking head-on! Her foundation, Rock Paper Scissors specializes in helping and supporting those who have been physically, mentally, sexually, and emotionally abused and human trafficked and serves women, men, girls, and boys. Kristal provides helpful knowledge and insights on how to combat the inhumane exploitation practices in different communities through education and works with other community leaders engaging in awareness campaigns to wake up our cities to hope and help those being exploited through human trafficking. 

On May 7, 2022, RPS hosted its second “Break the Silence – Mental Health Check-In” program in Tacoma, Washington, and TPS students and staff attended and got to hear from neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf, former NFL player and mental health therapist Jay Barnett of Dallas, Texas, mental health advocate and national recording artist Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, and national recording artist Jessica Reedy.  Kristal Brazzle’s walk is far greater than her talk as she challenges people with this theme "We can't do anything about the past, but we sure can do something about the future." 


GOLD STAR PARTNER: Institute for Community Leadership

The Institute for Community Leadership is a community-based non-profit agency whose mission is to provide ethical leadership, nonviolence, and civic engagement learning to students, increasing reading, writing, oratory, and listening skills while imbuing them with confidence to succeed both in the classroom and in community leadership roles. The program provides peer-coaching leadership that strengthens inter-generational, interracial social relationships to increase civic engagement, success in school, and resiliency. 

The Institute for Community Leadership provides classes and programming with schools and community organizations in more than 100 school districts in 17 states and five countries. Headquartered in Kent, Washington at the Jack O’Dell Education Center, home-based programming serves young people ages 14-24 of Washington State, with a focus on South Puget Sound. A highlight for participants in the program’s Cultural Leadership Exchanges which occur during each spring and summer break – runs one to eight weeks in length. Teachers and students travel throughout the West Coast and nation, meeting with educators, civic and cultural groups, municipalities, Native Nations, and business groups. 

The Institute for Community Leadership, youth leadership, and engagement opportunity is a community-based, out-of-school peer-coaching leadership program that strengthens inter-generational, interracial social relationships to increase civic engagement and resiliency. Youth participate in a leadership cohort that meets on Saturdays and during all school breaks.  Leadership classes feature dynamic peer facilitators.  In addition to attending classes, students identify specific problems or inequities they feel need to be addressed in civic life, and they take on leadership roles with the support of their peers, in problem-solving and advocacy. 

Cecily Croskey, founder of Girls Hearts on Fire (GHOF)

GOLD STAR PARTNER: Girls Hearts on Fire, Cecily Croskey

Cecily Croskey is the founder of Girls Hearts on Fire (GHOF)-a robust organization focusing on the empowerment of young women through leadership, life-skills, and entrepreneurship. GHOF focuses on youth starting in the 5th grade and continues support and mentoring through high school. The GHOF program’s overall commitment is to encourage positive youth development. GHOF serves girls in the Tacoma area ages 10-18. 

Twice a week for 1.5 hours the girls engage in fun, age specific curriculum, round table discussions, and participate in creative group activities at their school, or local community center. Participants receive a Development Portfolio upon completion of the program year, along with Letters of Recommendation for work and/or scholarships. High School Students focus on volunteer opportunities throughout the community to use towards high school completion requirements and college applications! 

In February GHOF hosted their 4th Annual -First, Love Yourself Youth Gala for middle & high School aged girls at the Court House Square’s Grand Ballroom in downtown Tacoma! A girl’s only event providing the girl’s a red-carpet experience, great food, student performances and an inspirational keynote. A highlight of the evening was the old school versus new school dance battle- it was epic, and a wonderful time was had by all to support the GHOF mission of creating an equitable world for girls to: live boldly, thrive and champion for one another. 

Charlotte Basch & Amber Hayward, Puyallup Tribe of Indians

GOLD STAR PARTNER: Charlotte Basch & Amber Hayward, Puyallup Tribe of Indians

Charlotte Basch is the Historic Preservation Coordinator within the Tribal Historic Preservation Department. Charlotte is vital in our implementation of the “Since Time Immemorial” Tribal sovereignty curriculum by sharing tribal history resources and expertise. She also participated with the renaming committee and process for Hilltop Heritage. Charlotte is an absolute pleasure and honor to work with. She is attentive to our organization but especially when it comes to a focus on student learning. Her focus is not only on Native American students but all students and staff within Tacoma Public Schools. 

Amber Hayward is the Director of the Puyallup Tribal Language Program. Amber was a vital component of the Land Acknowledgement plaque statement project supporting Tacoma Public Schools with Lushootseed translations. Amber also works closely with our Title VI Indian Education program on various aspects of culture and language. Amber provided the Puyallup artist poster series to the Title VI Indian Education program for sharing throughout the district. Amber is an absolute pleasure and honor to work with. She is a valued contributor to our greater vision. Charlotte & Amber share and support Tacoma Public Schools' vision of providing the most authentic and accurate version of Tribal history possible.

Gold Star Partner - Black Parents Alliance

GOLD STAR PARTNER: Black Parents Alliance

The Black Parents Alliance works within the community to discuss relevant topics, gain information, and make decisions to improve the education of their children. We advocate for policies that improve the intellectual, social, and emotional success of Black scholars and families; empower and give voice to the concerns and successes of Black families and scholars in Tacoma; and mobilize allies within the community to highlight the need for more robust systems of support for Black scholars

Consistent with the belief that parents are children's first and most important teachers, the BPA relies on a definition of family engagement that views it as a "systemic and sustained commitment that occurs across time, spans many settings, and requires shared responsibility from all parties." Yet despite families' critical role, many schools and early childhood programs struggle to successfully engage and empower parents and the broader community. The BPA's goals are to engage parents of Black youth, build the capacity of parents and service providers for partnership and improve life outcomes for Black youth.

December 2021 – Tacoma Fire Department Local 31

GOLD STAR PARTNER: Tacoma Fire Department Local 31

"Imagine Santa and his masked helpers showing up to your house in a red fire truck loaded with holiday cheer- that’s exactly what happened for over 100 TPS families in December.

For 33 years, Tacoma Firefighters Local 31 have participated in an annual Christmas Project that provides food, clothes, and gifts to children in need leading up to Christmas. Each year, families are selected with the help of TPS Family & Community Liaisons, Counselors, or Social Workers.

The project is funded solely on donations from members of the Tacoma Fire Department as a way to give back to their community. The project continues to be a success bringing joy to the front doors during the holiday season."

November 2021 – Melo Hogan with Windemere

GOLD STAR PARTNER: Melo Hogan with Windemere

"Melo Hogan, a Real Estate Broker with Windemere, organizes holiday meals for TPS families experiencing homelessness or unstable housing situation.   She has organized this for three years.  Last year they boxed meals for 75 families.  This year they were able to double that with meals for 150 families!  The boxes are decorated and come with a roasting pan, sides, a turkey, and a Costco pumpkin pie.  Windemere staff/volunteers, along with McKinney-Vento staff, delivered the boxes to school sites and those sites in turn got the meals to the families in need. 

We are so grateful to be partnering with Windermere to provide for our families that are food and housing insecure.  Windemere organizes a collection from community members to fund this event."



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The Tacoma Public Schools Partnership Office is a cooperative between students, families, schools, school districts, and the greater Tacoma community. Partners are committed to supporting student academic success and the whole child. Partners work with and invest in the education of our children and youth—whose future, in turn, will affect the quality of life in the entire Tacoma community.

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