Community Resources for Students and Families

Family and Community Liaisons

Tacoma Public Schools’ Family and Community Liaisons work to promote and support Family & Community Engagement within Tacoma Public Schools through school-wide, family/school community partnership initiatives and strategies. Liaisons serve as bridge-builders between schools, families, community members, and community-based organizations & the business community. Liaisons help families and partners navigate the complexities of the school system, be advocates for their students and access community resources and supports.

Birney Elementary School   

Megan Clark
Family Support Liaison 

Whitman Elementary School   

Amanda Nelson
Family Support Liaison 

Fawcett Elementary School      

Sheri Stephens
Family Support Liaison 

Roosevelt Elementary School  

Beverly Simmons
Family Support Liaison 

Manitou Park Elementary 

Alisa Keolker
Family Support Liaison 

Blix Elementary School      

Michelle Provost
Family Support Liaison 

Lister Elementary School

Monique Ferrer
Community Liaison

Stanley Elementary School   

Beth Faller
Family Support Liaison 

Mann Elementary School   

Kimberlee Hunter
Family Support Liaison 

Baker Middle School      

Camila Mahuika
Family Support Liaison                                 

Mount Tahoma High School    

Kimberlee Miller
Family Support Liaison