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Geiger Montessori School

Getting to and From School

Safe Walking Routes

  • This safe walking route map for Geiger is from the City of Tacoma's website.

  • You can view other school's safe walking routes here.

Taking the Bus

Playground Drop Off/Pickup

  • You can walk your student to the playground to drop them off or pick them up. Bicycles are welcome, too.

  • If you park in the front parking lot, do not block the curb. Please note that the front parking lot will not be open for parents until after 9:15 am.

  • When exiting the front parking lot please turn right onto 8th Street towards Jackson Street, to avoid creating additional traffic.

  •  If you wish to park in the Jackson Street parking lot, you will need to enter from Meyers Street, as entering from Jackson Street will no longer be allowed. Please note that you will need to wait and file through the side lot, along with the valet vehicles.

  • If you park along the street, please do not block residential driveways or crosswalks.

Morning & Afternoon Valet

  • Map with Directions 

  • 2018.2019 Valet Form.pdf2018.2019 Valet Form.pdf

  • Drop Off and Pick up are on the back side of the school, entering from Meyers Street.

  • Please do not try to enter from 6th Ave onto Meyers. We request that you drive around the block and turn onto Meyers from 8th Street.

  • In the morning, simply pull up in the designated area, and someone will open your vehicle door and assist your student(s) in exiting your vehicle.

  • You must have a valid valet tag in order to pick up a student. Please hang your tag on the rear view mirror with the number facing out.

  • Children's House pick up begins at 3:20 (pink tags).

  • Lower and Upper Elementary pick up does not begin until 3:30 (green tags).

  • If you arrive early, please park on the street or at the local park and ride on 6th Ave.

  • Do not block the drive way as we have busses entering the rear parking lot.

  • Do not park between the large above ground pipe and the sidewalk. 

  • Do not block the sidewalk as a courtesy to pedestrians.

  • Students not picked up by the end of valet will be taken to the main office.

Please refer to the Student/Family Handbook for further information.​​​​