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Geiger Montessori School

Dress Code

Wearing the appropriate clothing is important so that clothes do not become a distraction from your studies. Hats, do-rags, scarves, sunglasses, cropped shirts or tank tops (one inch thick straps at a minimum), torn clothing, "sagging" pants, and ads for alcohol, drugs, and violence are distracting and are not permitted at school. Students in the elementary school are not permitted to wear make-up.

 We do not permit the use of any clothing, jewelry, or grooming styles that may indicate or imply membership or affiliation with gangs. We will not tolerate any activities, speech, or expression that could physically, mentally, or emotionally harm students. Any student wearing, carrying, or displaying gang paraphernalia or who is demonstrating behavior or using gestures that symbolize gang membership or are threatening to others will be subject to school discipline. Students not following dress code will be asked to change. If no change of clothes is available, parents will be called to request a change of clothes be provided.

 Shoes with soles designed for outside use should be worn to enable a student to fully participate in PE and other physical activities. Shoes with roller blades/wheels are not permitted.