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Geiger Montessori School

Bus Information

Bus transportation may be provided, depending on where the student's physical address is located.  Please check with the school office, to see if your child is eligible to ride the bus.

If your child is a bus rider, we encourage you to periodically check the bus times​, as transportation does change these times often.  Bus riders should be at their designated bus stops, 5 - 8 minutes before the morning pick up time.

If a bus is late, we encourage you to call the bus transportation company as they can see exactly where the bus is and can give you an estimated time of arrival.  The district is using FIRST STUDENT for bus transportation and they can be reached at (253)272-7750.

Bus riders are expected to always ride the bus, unless there is a special circumstance.  If your student will not be riding the bus after school, we would appreciate a phone call to the school office, as we do take attendance to make sure that all students are on the bus before it leaves school.  Geiger main office # (253)571-6800. ​​​