Frequently Asked Questions

​​​What is Employee Self-Service (ESS)?

TPS Employee Self-Service, (ESS) provides you with on-line access to view personal information, such as benefits, payment history, leave balances and tax information.  You can also update your direct deposit bank accounts, W-4s, emergency contacts and address information.

When is the annual sick leave buyout paid?

February 20th

I need to change my tax exemptions. Do I need to fill out a form or can I provide the information over the telephone?

Information cannot be taken over the telephone. You can make the change in ESS or a new W-4 paper form needs to be completed and sent to the Payroll Department.

Have I received all of my Optional Days?

Contact the Professional Development Office (Certificated) at 571-1056.

How do I get paid for my PEP hours?

Contact the Professional Development Office (Classified) at 571-1267.

When will I be paid for my extra work / workshop that I attended?

Extra work / workshops (not professional development) need to be submitted on a Non-Standard Time Sheet. These forms are processed as received and entered into the current payroll. Non-Standard Time Sheets are tracked in the Payroll Department by the form number printed in the upper right corner of each form.

As a substitute, how will I know for which dates I have been paid?

Substitute Time Sheets are received on a daily basis and processed into the appropriate payroll. A breakdown of pay periods is explained in item #3 on the back of the Substitute Time Sheet.

What do I do with my jury duty check?

Prior to depositing the check into your own account, send a copy to the Payroll Department. $10.00 per day will be deducted from your paycheck.

When do I get paid?

Refer to the Pay Date Calendar.

When is TIP due?

Refer to the Time Input Schedule.

How do I change my address?

Address changes are handled through the Human Resources Department using ESS or a Notice of Change of Name, Home Address and/or Telephone Number form.

Can I borrow against my Washington State Retirement Account?

No. Your retirement funds cannot be accessed if you are currently employed.

Why do I have to contribute to the Washington State Retirement System?

If your position meets state eligibility requirements, state law mandates your participation.

How do I set up a 403(b)?

Use the list of available companies provided on our web site, establish an account, and follow the instructions on the district website.

How do I change my Retirement Plan 3 deduction amount?

Deduction amounts are determined by the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

T-3 participants (teachers) can only change the percentage amount during the month of January.

S-3 participants (classified) are not allowed to change the percentage.

I've changed banks. How do I change the account where my paycheck is deposited?

You can change your direct deposits by accessing ESS or complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form, attach a voided check and return the form to the Payroll Department. Please keep in mind, the Payroll Department must test all changes regarding account numbers as well as changing from a checking account to a savings account. During this period, you will receive a check for one pay period while the information is being verified.

What is my employee ID number?

Employee identification numbers appear on your printable pay stubs in ESS. They are also available through TIP. Please note the Payroll Department is unable to release this information over the telephone, as we are unable to confirm to whom we are speaking.

My regular pay day falls on a Saturday. What day will I be paid?

All employees are paid on the 5th and 20th, unless those dates fall on a weekend or holiday. In these cases, employees will be paid on the Friday prior.

How can I obtain a copy of my W-2 from a previous year?

Copies of W-2's may be reissued through the Payroll Department. Requests may take up to one week to process.