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First Creek Middle School

Tammy Larsen, Principal​

Uniform Policy - Update for 2016-2017

First Creek Middle School Uniform Guidelines/Policy for 2016-2017
The purpose of the uniform / school dress code is to:
·         Support the learning environment
·         Provide a means of identification and sense of belonging to First Creek Middle School
·         Provide for a neat and orderly appearance appropriate for school
·         Reduce competition in dress
Clothing Item
First Creek
 T-Shirt Only
Purchased from the school.
First Creek
Crew or Hoodie
Style Only
Purchased from the school.  No non-First Creek sweatshirts, cardigans, vest, or sweaters are permitted.
Solid color:
Khaki Pants
Denim Jeans
Shorts and skirts must be longer than fingertip length with arm held flat to sides.
No rips, tears, fray, holes, or cuts
No sagging or overly baggy pants
No jeggings/leggings (Must have two hip & 2 back pockets)
No pajama bottoms, sweats, or yoga/fitness pants
No tight short skirts
Athletic or dress – all shoes must have heel straps or backs
No flip flops, sliders, sports sandals, or slippers/moccasins/“house shoes”
Head gear
Hats, bandanas (cloth that is tied), and scarves are not to be worn in the building. This includes hanging from belt loops or carrying the item.
Headbands are okay.
Coats and jackets must be stored in lockers (includes zippers)
Coats may be worn during lunch time
Friday/Non Uniform Guidelines
Friday shirts/tops are to be clearly College Gear and/or First Creek Club wear and meet shirt dress code above
Non Uniform shirts/tops must have sleeves and follow shirt dress code above
Pants must meet uniform dress code above.
All clothing and accessories contain only positive and school appropriate messages.
Must be kept in lockers during school hours
Note: Administration reserves the right to restrict any clothing items or accessories that it deems disruptive.



2016-17 School Uniform Changes:



In efforts to simplify and streamline our uniform policy FCMS is moving to an adjusted uniform policy that many of our neighboring middle schools have found to be more successful.


Starting this year the only “Tops” allowed will be either FCMS purchased/issued T-shirts or FCMS purchased/issued Sweatshirts and hoodies.


Pants, shorts, skirts and capris will remain the same; Solid colors only, Khaki/Blue/Black or Denim Jeans. No rips, tears, holes or cuts in any pant or skirt type allowed.


All other uniform guidelines remain the same. T-shirts will be $7.00 each and Sweatshirts will remain $20 and Hoodies for $25.


For initial startup we can only allow 3 T-shirt purchases per student which will be available for sale in the front office starting the week August 22nd. After the start of the school year T-shirts will be available for purchase daily all year.


We appreciate your understanding and support of this needed uniform change.

 Uniform Policy2016-2017.pdfUniform Policy2016-2017.pdf

PE Uniform
District policy states that a separate set of clothes are to be worn in physical education classes. Gym clothes are not to be worn under school clothes.
You may purchase the official First Creek P.E. uniform for $16.00.
If you choose not to purchase the official uniform, students must have athletic shorts/sweatpants and a T-shirt. Shorts/sweatpants must fit at the waist and not sag. The shirt must be sufficient in length to be tucked and have sleeves. No crop top or tank tops are allowed in the gym class. Clothing should not have a logo.
Optional plain sweatshirts (no hoodies) may be worn.
Gym shoes must have non-marking soles. Shoes are to be laced and tied properly during class for safety purposes.
 P.E. uniform may only be worn in P.E.