Business & Finance Division comprises the following:


Budget Department

The budget department oversees compilation and administration of the District's General Fund budget. The department provides budget assistance and support; comprehensive revenue and expenditure analysis; and staffing and enrollment analysis.

Finance Department

The finance department includes Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Capital Projects Accounting, Payroll, Financial Reporting and Financial Analysis.

Grants Management

The grants management department oversees applications, tracking and grants identification process.

Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department is responsible for ensuring that district purchases represent the best value possible, both in terms of price and in terms of non-price considerations such as service, timeliness, quality and supplier performance, including purchasing costs, fixed assets management, warehousing, and furniture program.​​ ​​

Transportation Services

Student Transportation Services provides nearly 10,000 students with daily school bus transportation to and from school. Our trained bus drivers are focused on student safety and efficient service. Students and families can contribute to bus safety by understanding the guidelines for riding the school bus.

Chief Financial Officer

The Finance and Business Services function believes in promoting efficiency, effectiveness and excellence for both the organization and the finance function to provide financial support for the academic success of every student and for transparent accountability to the taxpayers and community we support.