Instructional Model

​​Sheltered Instruction (SI) is an approach used widely for teaching language and content to English language learners, particularly as schools prepare students to achieve high academic standards. In SI, academic subjects (e.g., science, social studies) are taught using English as the medium of instruction. SI is most often used in classes comprised solely of English language learners, although it may be used in classes with both native English speakers and English language learners when necessitated by scheduling considerations or by small numbers of English language learners.

Tacoma Public Schools offers Dual Language and Sheltered Instruction English Language Development Programs.

Dual Language Program: Dual language programs provide integrated language and academic instruction for native English and native speakers of another language with the goals of high academic achievement, first and second language proficiency, and cross-cultural understanding (Christian, 1994).

Sheltered Instruction (Content-Based ESL): Sheltered Instruction is an approach for teaching content to English language learners (ELLs) in strategic ways that make academic subject matter concepts comprehensible while promoting the students’ English language development. (Echevarria, J., Vogt M. –E., & Short, D., 2000).