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Edison Elementary School

Uniform Information/Student Handbook

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Students are not allowed to engage in expressive conduct that is obscene, that promotes drug or alcohol use or gang affiliation, and/or has the potential to cause a material and substantial disruption of the educational environment.

Edison Elementary requires all students to wear appropriate clothing that follows the school’s uniform guidelines:

  • Skirts & shorts:  no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Pants that are dark blue, khaki, or black.  No jeans allowed.
  • Pants must fit appropriately and cannot be baggy or falling off hips
  • Shirts must be solid dark blue, black or white and must have a collar.
  • Tank tops, spaghetti straps, or halters tops cannot be worn at school
  • Students are allowed to wear Edison t-shirts or Edison hoodie sweatshirts - available for purchase from Edison’s PTA (please call the office for prices.)
  • Coats or outerwear may notbe worn in the classrooms unless they are Edison sweatshirts.
  • Leggings, socks and tights must be black, blue, or white.
  • Athletic tennis shoes should be safe and comfortable for daily exercise, P.E. and recess.
  • No high heels or open back shoes are allowed

Please remember the following:

  • No company brands, logos, designs, pictures or advertisements on shirts or pants
  • Leggings should be school colors
  • Bandanas, scarves, hats and baseball caps should not be worn
  • No distractible accessories


​Reminder: Students who do not follow the Edison Dress Code will call home for a change of clothes.



Suggested local stores that carry Edison Elementary School uniform apparel include:
JC Penney