School Closures & Delays

Ensuring the safety of the students we transport is our number one priority. Nearly every year we must delay the start of school, cancel outdoor after school activities, or cancel school because of snow, smoke or other poor weather conditions.  We encourage you to become familiar with the procedures followed during snow, inclement weather and emergencies.

How will you know if school is delayed or canceled?

If we need to delay or close schools, we'll communicate in multiple ways:

  • Websites: A message on the district website and all school websites.
  • Social media: Posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Automated phone calls, emails and texts: Please check the contact information in your ParentVUE account and if you need any updates please contact your school's office. Note these messages may take longer to send than other communications.
  • News media: Information is sent to TV and radio stations who announce school delays and closures. You can also find that information on

Frequently Asked Questions About School Closures & Delays

What do the different announcements mean?

Air Quality

When the air quality in our region is affected by wildfire smoke or other factors, we take steps - such as reducing or canceling outdoor activity - to ensure the health of our students.

We look to the recommendations of Washington State’s Department of Health to determine whether to restrict outdoor activity.

Heat-related Inclement Weather

When temperatures are forecasted to reach an extreme level of heat, we take steps - such as reducing or canceling outdoor activities - to ensure the health of our students.  

We look to the National Weather Service HeatRisk Map to make decisions on this topic.