Find your Student's Neighborhood School and Bus Stop Information

  • Enter your address with the first few letters of your street name.
  • For example, enter "3550 Roos" for "3550 E Roosevelt Ave"
  • Select your student's grade and press "Go"
  • You will be provided the following information:
    • the school your student will attend based on your address and school district boundaries
    • your bus stop and scheduled pick up and drop off time, if school bus service is available 

Important: Before your student rides the bus, please notify the school's office.
Let them know the name of your student and where he/she will be picked up and dropped off.

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Bus Stop Lookup

Student Transportation Services, in partnership with First Student, provides nearly 10,000 students with daily school bus transportation to and from school. Our staff and bus drivers are dedicated to ensuring student safety and providing efficient service. 

Let's Keep in Touch!

You'll be hearing from us if…

  • Your student's pick up or drop off time changes by more than 10 minutes
  • Your student's bus is running 15 minutes late
  • For some reason, there is no bus available for your student's route
  • Your student's bus is involved in an accident
  • Your student is injured on the bus

Parents, we want to hear from you if…

  • Your student has missed 3 or more days so we know if we should save a seat for them moving forward
  • Your student's bus is over 25 minutes late and you haven't received a notification from our department
  • Your student does not arrive to school or home as anticipated
  • Your student receives transportation through the McKinney-Vento program and is going to be absent from school

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Providing transportation services for
special education students. 


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