Compass (the Family App)

Use Compass, the updated TPS Family App to take care of your student's needs 

Get to know Compass, the updated TPS Family App, where families can register for before- and after-school activities, view their student’s grades and attendance, find bus routes, make online payments using MySchoolBucks and more. 

Registration steps:  

  • Register here by entering the email your child’s school has on file for you. (Tip: Only use the Chrome web browser on any device; or update to the latest iOS version (14+) on your Apple device.)
  • Once that’s complete, you’ll receive an invitation in your email to complete the process.  

If you don’t receive the invitation email, check your email spam link or junk mail folders for an email from “Microsoft Invitation.” You can also contact your child’s school to verify or update the email address you use with Tacoma Public Schools.  

Not sure which email?

You can try a likely email address and see if you receive an invitation and/or you can ask the staff at your school's main office to verify or update your email address in our Student Information System (eSchoolPLUS).

Don't have an email account?

We recommend a free account at Set it up and then ask your school's office staff to add it to our system so you can register.

Microsoft account?

When you login to the TPS Compass App, you are really logging into your Microsoft account. Then Microsoft tells the TPS Compass App if the login worked and what your email address is.

If you need one, you can create a Microsoft account with any email address following the process below. And you can always manage your own Microsoft account by signing in at

Registration help

  1. Enter your email address on the TPS Compass app registration page and click the Send Invitation button
    The email address must match what we have on file in our Student Information System. Otherwise, you will not receive an invitation email.
    One email, one account. If we have the same email address on file for more than one parent or guardian, only one account will be able to be created with it. Multiple accounts require a different email addresses for each parent or guardian. See your school office to update email addresses.

  2. Check your email for the invitation and click the Accept Invitation link
    Look in your spam folder if you don't see it immediately. The send will be Microsoft Invitations <>
    Didn't get the email?
    Check with the school's main office to verify or update your email address in our Student Information System. Also, check your email's junk folder.

  3. Create your Microsoft account
    If your email address is already associated with a Microsoft account, you'll enter your password and skip to the next step

  • Create a password

  • Enter the verification code Microsoft sent. 

  • As a safety measure, you may also need to enter some characters from an image.

  1. Accept the permissions so that TPS can use your Microsoft account to log you in to the TPS Compass App.
  2. Click the login button on the Compass homepage.