Update Your TPS Password

I Know My Password

Log in to your computer and enter the key combination CTRL+ALT+DELETE. When the lock screen appears,  choose the “Change A Password” option and enter your current password, then your new password.

NOTE: Your new password must contain eight characters. The characters can be numbers, letters, symbols, or a combination of all three.

I Don't Know My Password

Please ask your teacher for assistance or contact the Customer Service Center at 253-571-4357.

Troubleshooting a Student Password: 

  1. Verify your student is using  their email address (StudentID#@tps10.org ) as their username.   
  2. Double-check the student ID number is correct.  
  3. New passwords must be at least eight characters long or will be rejected. The new password can't use the student’s name, birth date, string of consecutive numbers, or be a past password. 
  4. Try restarting the computer  
  5. Try waiting 15 minutes and trying again.  
  6. If locked out wait 15 minutes to start again.  

For additional help or assistance please contact the Customer Service Center at 253-571-4357.