Laptop Insurance

Homeowners or renters insurance may provide coverage for your district-issued laptop. You will need to verify coverage with your insurance company. 

The following companies provide insurance for electronic devices:  

Securranty - 

Asurion - 

Safeware - 

GoCare - 

Worth Ave. Group - 

These companies are not affiliated with or do business with Tacoma Public Schools. This list is not an endorsement by TPS of any company or service they offer. We are merely providing them as a reference. Please investigate and research these and other companies that offer this service before purchasing to determine what is best for you and your family. 

Personal insurance purchases or financial obligations are between you and the company you choose. The district has no access or visibility to your insurance policy, and TPS will not be part of any claims process other than to verify the device was issued to your student.  

You are responsible for initiating and managing any claims or reimbursements with the company issuing the policy. The insurance carrier will decide if your claim constitutes accidental vs. intentional abuse.