Laptop Theft, Loss, or Vandalism

What if the laptop is lost, stolen, or vandalized? 

If the laptop is stolen, lost, or vandalized, students must immediately report the incident to their school administrator. The Purchasing department will review all reports and determine a replacement cost. Using optional insurance may cover all or some of the replacement costs; however, you must purchase the insurance when you receive the laptop. 

On School Property

  1. Report the loss/theft to your principal, who will follow District Loss Reporting Procedures.  

Off School Property:  

  1. File a police report.  
  2. Report the incident to your principal or school administrator. Provide a copy of the police report.  

Students may be required to pay a fee if their laptop is intentionally damaged, stolen, or lost. The cost is based on the age of the computer and the specific repairs required. 

Laptop Insurance Options