K-2 Students can store their student laptop at school over the summer

By the end of 2020, every TPS student received a laptop, charger, and headphones. Keeping the devices throughout the year allows students to stay engaged with their learning and provides access to Office 365, Teams and any apps they use for classroom work. 

Families with K-2 students can opt to store the student laptop and charger over the summer break at the school. Please contact your school for more information.

Students moving to a new school within the district will keep the same laptop they have now. The life of TPS laptops is about four years; therefore, students will get a new laptop approximately every four years until they graduate or leave the district.

Learn more by viewing the Student and Family Laptop Handbook.

2021-2022 Student and Family Laptop Handbook

Get Help

The Tacoma technology help desk is committed to providing technical support to our students and families for all district-provided devices. We are unable to offer technical assistance with personal devices.

What if the laptop stops working or requires warranty repair? 

Dell warrants the laptops from normal wear and tear, defects in materials and workmanship for four years. Additionally, the district purchased one-time (per year) accidental damage coverage for each computer. Accidental damage might include a cracked screen, broken keyboard, or liquid damage. Catastrophic (un-repairable) damage may be subject to the vendor's discretion. The warranty does not warrant against damage caused by vandalism.

Three ways to get help: 

Online Self-Service Portal 

Student HELP icon, blue circle with question mark

Log into SolarWinds by clicking the blue, question-mark icon on your desktop. From here you can:

  • Submit a request for assistance 
  • Review the status of your current or previous requests 
  • Chat live with a technician (during normal district hours) 

Use the Solutions function to search for answers to common technology problems.

By Email:

By Phone:

  • 253-571-HELP, (253) 571-4357
  • Technicians are available during normal district hours.  
  • After hours? Leave a voicemail message, or contact the HELP desk through SolarWinds.