Ways to Connect with Your Child

Engage in meaningful conversations at home

As humans, we are hardwired for connection. We may not feel a real depth of connection through small talk, and likely feel even less fulfilled scrolling news or social media.  But, we do feel closer with a warm heart-to-heart.

In school, we try to build a genuine feeling of belonging through conversations where each person has a chance to share their stories and hear other perspectives. 

You can hold these conversations at home to build trust, communication, empathy and social emotional learning skills.

How to hold a meaningful conversation

  • Gather the family together
  • Choose a meaningful item to serve as the talking piece
  • Everyone takes a few deep breaths
  • The facilitator opens with the quote and then asks the first question to the group
  • The facilitator shares their answers first and then passes the talking piece to the right
  • Only the person holding the talking piece may speak

Keep these guidelines in mind

  • Respect: Respect the talking piece
  • Speak: Speak from the heart
  • Listen: Listen from the heart
  • Trust: Trust you will know what to say
  • Say: Say just enough

Summer 2024 Conversation Topics