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High School & Beyond Plan: Twelfth Grade Checklist

Students, you made it to senior year, you are almost to the finish line. The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) is a Washington State graduation requirement.  

The items on this checklist are intended to help keep you organized and focused so you can graduate ready for your next step. You have been working hard on this plan for a while, now is the time to finalize and put into action. 

Remember, this is your plan, but the staff at your school are ready to support and guide you along the way. If you are feeling behind, confused, or stressed, please reach out to your school advisor or counselor. You got this! 


  • Create/update your Resume in your English class.  

  • Provide a Verified Letter of Acceptance to the Next Institution (VANI) to your school counselor. 

  • If taking a CTE course complete verification in SERS at the conclusion of each semester to receive dual credit.


  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Washington State Application for Financial Aid (WASFA) if you are considering attendance at a Technical, 2-year or 4-year college or university. Helpful videos: Financial Aid 101 understanding the financial aid application process and Financial Aid 201 understanding verification, appeals and award letters.

  • If you want to improve your SAT score from your junior year, take the SAT for free during the School Day. 

  • Complete and apply for a minimum of one local, state, or national scholarship.  

  • Request one or more letters of recommendation.  

  • Make a plan for at least one College/Career Readiness Experience.  Examples include college/career field trip, college/career rep visit, college/career tour, or college/career fair.  

  • Verify your transcript is complete and accurate.  

  • Attend college and career fairs with parents/guardians.  

  • Take the SAT Subject tests if preferred/required by colleges you are considering.  

  • Verify that all required documents are submitted to admissions and financial aid offices for the colleges you are considering.  

  • Review your financial aid award letter(s). Your counselor can assist you.  

  • Take AP and/or IB, exams for free.  There is no risk, and a successful score could earn you college credit.  

  • Request your final transcript be sent to your post-secondary pathway choice. 

Where can I find my HSBP? 

The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) is located in Schoology. Students you will create an HSBP Portfolio to store the required documents and share your advisor or counselor. 


  1. Sign into your Schoology account. 
  2. Select your Profile (upper right, click on your name) 
  3. Select Portfolios (upper left, under your profile image) 
  4. Add New Portfolio (upper middle, +New Portfolio) 
  5. Title your Portfolio First and Last Name HSBP, which saves automatically (example: John Smith HSBP) 

After each assignment, upload completed documents into your HSBP Portfolio. Make sure to share your high school and beyond portfolio with your advisor or counselor. 

Tacoma Online Students: You will use Edgenuity for your HSBP. Please contact your teacher for more information. 

Transcript Requests

If you graduated or attended Tacoma Public Schools in 2013 or prior, please complete this form. Photo ID is required to process this request - please email this to after submitting this form. Once a completed form and photo ID are submitted, the Student Records Department will contact you regarding the status of your request. 

If you graduated in 2014 or later, you will make a request using Parchment which is a convenient platform for former Tacoma Public Schools students to securely send and receive transcripts online. Ordering transcripts through Parchment will be faster and you will receive both confirmation and status emails. Here's a video about how to order transcripts through Parchment. This also includes students born before 1988.