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High School & Beyond Plan: Eleventh Grade Checklist

Students, you are in the final stretch of high school, stay focused on your goals. The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) is a Washington State graduation requirement that can help you get the most out of high school, so you graduate confident and ready for your next step. 

You have been working on your HSBP for a while, this is an important year to start putting your plans into action by exploring your interests and applying for scholarships. The checklist is designed to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.  

Remember, this is your plan, but the staff at your school are ready to support and guide you along the way. If you are feeling behind, confused, or stressed, please reach out to your school advisor or counselor. 


  • Review your transcript and update your Academic Planner in preparation for 12th grade course registration. 
  • If taking a CTE course complete verification in SERS at conclusion of each semester to receive dual credit.   
  • In October take the PSAT for free during the school day and potentially qualify for the National Merit and other scholarships. The PSAT is also good practice for the SAT.  
  • In March take the SAT for free during the SAT School Day Test. You will have another opportunity to take the SAT for free in October of your senior year. 


  • Explore scholarship opportunities. Some scholarships require applications during 11th grade.  

  • If you have the College Bound Scholarship, review requirements and repledge your commitment so that you can access your scholarship. 

  • Attend college and career fairs with parents/guardians.  

  • Set up tours and appointments at post-secondary institutions during non-school days, early release days, or during breaks.  

  • Find out about entry requirements and any application deadlines at the post-secondary pathways that you are interested in pursuing.  

  • Begin looking at college essay prompts and brainstorm potential answers or determine gaps in experiences that you can fill over the next two years.  

  • Begin working on college applications and essays, if possible, and make a plan for early decision deadlines. 

  • Start to gather documents for financial aid.  

  • View your PSAT/SAT scores at, send your scores to Khan Academy for a free, personalized SAT practice plan based on your test results.  

  • Organize your test plan for SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests and/or AP, IB

  • Prepare for senior year course registration by meeting with your counselor, verify your transcript is accurate, ensure you are on track for graduation and consider which courses align with your post-secondary plans. 

  • Review course options available at your school, including dual credit (earning high school and college credits), career and technical education (CTE) offerings, advanced placementinternational baccalaureaterunning startcollege in the high school courses, and extra-curricular opportunities.

  • Enroll in Career & Technical Education classes that fit your interests.  

  • Identify an internship/job shadow of interest, participate in summer camps, summer college and/or CTE credentialed programs, or volunteer activities. 

  • Explore your interests and leadership opportunities by participating in sports, school clubs, music, or drama groups, or community-based organizations, or volunteer activities. 

Where can I find my HSBP? 

The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) is located in Schoology. Students you will create an HSBP Portfolio to store the required documents and share your advisor or counselor. 


  1. Sign into your Schoology account. 
  2. Select your Profile (upper right, click on your name) 
  3. Select Portfolios (upper left, under your profile image) 
  4. Add New Portfolio (upper middle, +New Portfolio) 
  5. Title your Portfolio First and Last Name HSBP, which saves automatically (example: John Smith HSBP) 

After each assignment, upload completed documents into your HSBP Portfolio. Make sure to share your high school and beyond portfolio with your advisor or counselor. 

Tacoma Online Students: You will use Edgenuity for your HSBP. Please contact your teacher for more information.