School Resource Officers

Positive relationships that prevent & reduce school violence

These paid, on-duty Tacoma Police officers  work full-time at each of Tacoma's five comprehensive high schools. As part of our partnership with the Tacoma Police Department, these officers work to prevent and reduce crime, as well as foster a peaceful and respectful learning environment for all students.

This partnership with the Tacoma Police Department began in 2009 as a way to address potential school violence with both prevention and intervention techniques. The SROs are not in school to enforce school policy, become the school disciplinarian, or be the campus "cop." They are there to work closely with school administrators and staff to help kids. A key benefit of having a full-time SRO at a high school is that he or she can develop relationships with students, providing opportunities for students to get to know the officers and feel comfortable providing information on potential issues.

It's important for students and the public to remember that the presence of SROs at the high schools is not because the schools are unsafe, but instead an indicator that we are taking positive, proactive steps to ensure that the schools remain safe, conducive places for learning.

School Resource Officers

Mount Tahoma students thank SRO officer