Safety and Security

Creating and maintaining a safe learning environment

In Tacoma Public Schools safety and security are a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week practice. Our continuing goal is to provide our 28,000 students with a healthy learning environment both during school hours and at after school activities. We also offer our community the opportunity to safely watch and participate in various school athletic competitions and activities.

A layered approach to safety

There are several ways we work to maintain the safety of our schools. It begins with our teachers, administrators and staff, who foster a caring school community that values respect and trust between adults and students. We want all students to feel connected, understand what's expected of them and receive any behavioral and mental health support they need.

Our safety and security programs include:

Campus Security Officers
These uniformed Tacoma Public Schools employees promote lawful behavior and protect the welfare of our secondary school students, faculty and staff. Their consistent presence allows them to understand the rhythms of the building while developing strong relationships with students.

School Patrol Officers
These uniformed Tacoma Public Schools employees work in partnership with the Tacoma Police Department, providing safety and security support across the district 24/7. They are in constant radio communication with the police department and respond to 911 calls related to our schools.

Emergency Management Partnership
Our strong partnership with the City of Tacoma and Pierce County Departments of Emergency Management assures that we are constantly assessing our ability to respond to any forms of disaster. Tacoma Public Schools personnel attend a monthly meeting with members of surrounding districts to assure that we are in a process of continuous improvement. We also review our school emergency procedures on an annual basis.

Safety and Security
Safety and Security

Safety & Security News

Safety notifications


Phone calls are the fastest way for TPS to notify all families in the event of an emergency.

We always try to keep our families up to date on information as we learn it. Sometimes the speed of social media travels much faster than the time it takes to conduct an investigation. We want to ensure that the information we share with you is accurate as we work with our law enforcement partners. 

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