Surplus Property


About Surplus Properties
When Tacoma Public Schools evaluates its real property assets to determine what is and isn’t needed, this sometimes results in identification of property that is no longer required for school purposes. When a district determines a property is no longer needed, the board of directors is authorized to put that property up for sale. These processes are governed by state law and district policy.

The Process
When TPS identifies a property as surplus, the district policy calls for TPS to first contact local government entities and leaders that might have interest in the property and gather input regarding the property’s highest and best use. The district also advertises a public hearing to be held at least 60 days after other local agencies have been notified, after which the school board may consider a resolution to surplus and begin marketing the property for sale and begin reviewing offers.

Once a recommended buyer has been identified, the district will advertise and hold a hearing to gather public comment prior to the school board considering a resolution to authorize the district to enter into a purchase and sale agreement with the recommended buyer. The district cannot enter into a PSA until at least 45 days after the property is advertised as being for sale.

Once the agreement is signed the timeline for property sale to close may vary.

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