Silas High School


Silas High School Construction Updates


Silas High School, formerly named Wilson, opened in 1958 as a campus-style school that included 12 buildings spread out over 12 acres of land; the school grew with improvements from the 2001 capital bond. 
Improvements supported by the 2013 bond were done in two phases. 

Phase 1 improvements included:

  • Demolishing the old 400 and 600 halls and replacing them with a 30,000-square-foot, two-story academic building. This building features seven general learning spaces for students that include collaborative areas, small and large group presentation areas and an outdoor learning space. Special features include a state-of-the-art culinary arts program and broadcast studio.
  • Expanding the weight, wrestling and aerobics room.
  • Improving campus electrical, heating and ventilation systems.
  • Renovating locker rooms and other improvements to the gymnasium and pool buildings.
  • Other offsite improvements required by the City of Tacoma.

Phase 2 improvements included:

  • New two-story academic building
  • New music building
  • New athletic complex, including new track and artificial turf
  • Renovated gym and pool

Square footage: 30,000
Total projected cost: $60.7 million
Open date: September 2016 (for academic building); gym and pool reopened in early 2017; music building, track and field completed in summer 2017
Architect: NAC Architecture
Contractor: Absher Construction

The Silas update is funded by the $500 million school construction bond voters passed in 2013.