School Construction

Thank you voters, for approving our 2020 and 2024 bond measures to replace or renovate a number of our aging neighborhood schools. These are in addition to the 13 schools that were replaced or renovated since 2013 as part of the Neighborhood Schools Improvement Plan.  

Schools included in the 2020 bond and their actual or anticipated opening dates after replacement are: 

  •  Hunt Middle School: Opened 2021
  •  Downing Elementary:  Opened 2022
  •  Skyline Elementary: Opened 2022
  •  Fawcett Elementary: Opened 2023
  •  Bryant Montessori: Anticipated to open fall of 2024
  •  Oakland High School: Anticipated to open fall of 2025
  •  Lowell Elementary: Anticipated to open fall of 2026
  •  Whittier Elementary: Anticipated to open fall of 2027

Schools included for replacement in the 2024 bond are listed here. Their anticipated opening dates have not yet been determined: 

  • DeLong Elementary
  • IDEA
  • Point Defiance Elementary
  • Stanley Elementary
  • Whitman Elementary

The bonds also provide for needed improvements across Tacoma, including replacement of aged and deteriorating roofs; retrofitting buildings for earthquake safety; improvements on playgrounds, playfields and athletic facilities to meet safety standards; Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility improvements; and heating, ventilation and plumbing upgrades for clean air and safe water.


School Construction News