Our school libraries help students find a passion for reading, develop research skills, become media literate and gain the digital safety skills they need to be productive citizens in today's world.

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    Our Guiding Values & Principles

    These values and principles guide the direction of Tacoma Public Schools library programs into the future.

    • We protect intellectual freedom by defending resources and services that create and sustain an atmosphere of free inquiry and choice. 
    • We advocate for our students and programs. 
    • We provide quality instruction that is collaborative, aligned with standards, and imparts a global perspective.  
    • We provide equitable access by creating an open environment, developing diverse collections, and cultivating an impartial and welcoming attitude.  
    • We are leaders of digital and media literacy through early adoption of emerging technologies, providing training, and modeling ethical use of information.  
    • We build and maintain positive relationships by actively engaging school and community partnerships.
    • We embrace a growth mindset though reflection and innovative practices.  

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